Saturday, 31 March 2012

BLOG -- Recap of March

So, here is my recap blog for March. Again, I will only mention here what I haven't mentioned in my past blogs. If anybody is curious on my thoughts on anything, please go ahead and ask. :)

Outings/Events in March: 
- Went to Snakes & Lattes with a friend and played boardgames for 4-5 hours.

- Went to J-Town for the first time by myself (I've been there with others before).

- Played Pictionary with some co-workers during the March Break week.

- Had a drink with my team mates after work one day (the boss paid for us -- he's so awesome).

- Learned how to tie a tie from a co-worker.

- Met up with my old friends (x2). Awesomeness!!

- Tried tequila for the first time (I think -- it burns!!).

- (deli place) La Salumeria -- this place is really cool. You choose your bread, choose your meat, and dressings/toppings, and they make your sandwich for you right there. I may blog about this one day.

- (restaurant) Guu Sakabar -- this is the first time I've been at this location (I've been to the one around Church many times). This place has AWESOME food.

- (restaurant) Imonay Korean Restaurant -- good food, but their mild dishes are still a bit spicy...

- (food) Melon bread -- for the longest time, I have always wanted to try melon bread. Finally got my chance!

- (Anime): Neon Genesis Evangelion + Death & Rebirth + End of Evangelion -- There was so much potential for this series, but it just fell flat. Way too flat. During the last two episodes, all I wanted to do was get off my seat and do something else. The two movies didn't help either.

- (Anime): J2: The Counterattack of Siberia Yagyu -- I was quite surprised at how enjoyable this series was. I was so bent on selling the first season, but now I'm not so sure. It's really cool!

- (Anime): Black Lagoon -- This series is awesome. I wish it was still in print... I'd love to get my hands on the DVDs or Blu-Ray. So full of action, but still thought-provoking at times. I want to cosplay as Roberta or Revy, haha...

- (Movie): The Neverending Story (for the 5th+ time)
- (Movie): Coyote Ugly (for the 2nd time)
- (Movie): The Locker -- A cheesy Japanese horror. I was able to sleep easy that same night.
- (Movie): The Face -- This is a Korean horror movie. I thought it was going to be one of those shock-scary movies, but it actually had a nice plot and a nice amount of character development.

- (PSP): Hatsune Miku (first game) -- Great! I'll probably blog about this one day.

- (Manga): Yakitate!! Japan by Takashi Hashiguchi -- Will blog about this one day. Good and weird at the same time.
Playing (not all at once):
- (PS3): Record of Agarest War Zero
- (DS): Luminous Arc 2 
- (DS): Professor Layton and the Last Spector
- (GBA): B-Daman
- (PSP): Persona  
- (Wii): Fortune Street 
- (PS2): Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (yeah, yeah. Laugh if you like) 
- (Anime): Mushi-Shi
- (Anime): iDOLM@STER: The Animation
- (Novel): Spare Parts by Rick Hanson
- (Manga): No Longer Human by Usamaru Furuya
- (Manga): Strawberry Panic by Sakurako Kimino + Takuminamuchi

That's it for March! If I'm not too lazy on Sunday, then I'll be blogging about something that will happen today (soooooo excited!). Here are some random photos from this month:

Guu Sakabar -- probably decorated this way to reflect the season.

Teriyaki Pizza at Guu (it was a daily special). Yum!!

Fireball Island board game (at Snakes & Lattes).

Worst Case Scenario board game. Remember this if you're stranded without any food.

Carebears board game. The instructions were vague...

Drink I had with my co-workers. I finished it, but was quite tipsy afterwards. ><

Pictionary Pic 1 -- Can you guess what this is? :)

Pictionary Pic 2 -  Can you guess what this is? :)

Melon bread! Sugary, crunchy, soft...

 Me with a tie, hehe.

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