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BLOG (PERSONAL) -- Actors / Actresses that I LIKE (2012)

Well, I have no idea how to start this.

I'm very particular about what I LIKE. I can like things... and then I can LIKE things. I often don't say I'm fan of something or someone unless I LIKE it. One can also tell if I LIKE something if I go on and on about it and show a lot of support (reading up about it, buying stuff, etc). 

For what I like, it's about the same -- just not to that degree. And I will NOT say I'm a fan.

With actors / actresses that I LIKE, it's a little different. I may gush about them from time to time, but I almost mention nothing. I almost show nothing to anybody, though I will say I am a fan if the conversation comes up. I won't watch every movie with them in it -- though it does provide sway sometimes. I just notice and pay more attention. And I may keep those movies in mind to watch in the future.

How they even get to my LIKE status is a little different, too. All it takes sometimes is one impression. For other things, like music artists / groups, it takes a lot of exposures before I can say I LIKE it.

So here is my very short list of actors / actresses that I LIKE and why (prepare for some gushing, haha). They are not listed in any particular order.




First Exposure: Easy A 
Most Recent Exposure: The Amazing Spider-Man 

I love her deep voice. I love her acting. I love her singing. I love the facial expressions she makes. And all of this love comes from seeing her in Easy A. Simply, it was a great first impression of her. Hearing her in the commentary for Easy A and seeing that she has a fun sense of humour also helps.


First Exposure: RED 
Most Recent Exposure: No exposures since 

I enjoyed the character she played in RED -- a retired sniper. Just seeing a well-aged lady holding a sniper rifle is exciting and cool. I enjoyed the way she delivered her lines as well. And her acting, of course.

She tends to be in movies that I'm not particularly interested in, so it's been a bit difficult to see her acting -- you know, unless I bite the bullet / take the chance and watch those movies.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS (Actresses I like [will probably miss some names]):
Christa Miller
Gwenyth Paltrow
Reese Witherspoon
RenĂ©e Zellweger 




First Exposure: Iron Man 
Most Recent Exposure: The Avengers 

This guy... is HOT. Soooo hot... so slick and HOT. Oh my... hahaha. Great delivery. Great acting. This is the only time I've found where facial hair is appropriate on a guy.


First Exposure: The Mummy 
Most Recent Exposure: Scrubs (TV Show) 

He's cute. And his acting is sincere -- at least to me. I enjoyed him most during his appearances on Scrubs -- it looks like he's more... himself. I love his hair the most.


First Exposure: Step Up 
Most Recent Exposure: 21 Jump Street  

I loved his dancing in Step Up. I think his acting is honest, too. At least, I was able to see that he really liked Jenna Dewan and wasn't just acting (main actress from Step Up -- the girl he ended up marrying). The way he blushes is cute.


First Exposure: Tidbits from 3rd Rock From the Sun (TV Show) 
Exposure that Counts: Celebrity Jeopardy in 1997 
Most Recent Exposure: (500) Days of Summer 

I never paid attention to Joseph Gordon-Levitt on 3rd Rock From the Sun. I didn't really follow the series at all (even though I wanted to). But then -- one day (in 1997 apparently) -- he was a contestant during the Celebrity Jeopardy episode. I don't remember much of that episode now, but I remember him making such an impression on me (I think he made me laugh a lot) that I made a mental note to remember his name. 

I honestly don't know if he would be on my radar now if it wasn't for that Jeopardy episode. I mean, I'm sure I would acknowledge him has a great, cute actor. That might be it, though. Besides seeing him in Inception, I haven't seen him play any bada** characters, and I like those, haha. Just look at the list above. I haven't seen him in The Dark Knight yet, so that might change.

I think you can tell by how much I'm writing about Joseph Gordon-Levitt that he's my favourite right now.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS (Actors I like [will most likely miss some names]):
Aaron Eckhart
Chris Hemsworth
J.K. Simmons
Neil Flynn
William H. Macy 

Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to comment about anything -- even asking if I like certain actors / actresses. I know I haven't mentioned everybody. This blog would be too long if I did. Also feel free to recommend actors / actresses to me -- I don't watch enough movies or TV to really get exposed.

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  1. Joseph Gordan and Brendan Frasier... (drooooooooooool)