Sunday, 9 September 2012

BLOG (PERSONAL) -- Me and My Taste in Music -- Intro

Even before starting this blog, I called it "Me and My Taste in Music -- Intro". I already knew that this entry would be way too long if I wrote about everything relating to my taste in music. 

These entries will probably be broken up by genres. I'll probably write briefly about my first exposures / impressions -- maybe mention any "favourite" artists from that genre -- and then link to some Youtube videos. The structure may change when I actually get to it.

Just a note: these entries may not be very interesting to you. Like my Movie-watching blogs, these entries will be more like a record of my taste in music. You may disagree. You may think I have horrible taste in music. As always, feel free to comment. :)

General, Overall Taste in Music
Across all music genres, I tend to lean towards extremely sad songs -- often about heartache. I don't know why. They just grab me more. I like positive songs, too, but I'm much more particular about them.

Regarding slow songs or fast songs, I like both, but songs that are really, really slow usually do nothing for me. Super fast songs are okay. 

If there are lyrics, they gotta catch me in some way -- or the melody has to work with the music. If the lyrics are in English, I want to be able to hear the words. If the lyrics aren't in English and I don't understand them, then the music and melody has to successfully convey the emotions.

I really like instrumentals as well.

My Music Mottos
I have two mottos for music (they also apply to just about everything else). They are: 

1."Reserve judgement until I've experienced it."
2."Do not generalize."

I find it unfair to dislike a song before even listening to it (for whatever reasons). I also find it unfair to dislike a song just because it falls under a genre I generally dislike or am indifferent to. I mean, would you ever say you like a song just because it falls under a genre you like? 

This would also apply to the artist. I'll listen to a new song from an artist I dislike or am indifferent to. I probably won't search for their stuff... but I won't turn away from it either.

My Affinities with Music Genres
If anybody ever asks me, "What kind of music do you listen to?", my answer will be, "I listen to everything." What I really mean when I say that is: "If you want to recommend anything to me, go ahead and recommend it." I may not actively search for music in every genre, but I'm open to the exposure, and I don't want somebody NOT recommending something to me just because I say, "I listen to this and this", and "this" doesn't coincide with what they listen to.

Now that you've read that bit and know that I'm open to anything, I can go into more detail of what I generally like / dislike.

I listen heavily to anime and video game music. It makes the most sense since I play video games now and I was heavily in the anime scene years ago (there's still a backlog of anime series on my "to-watch" list). I also listen heavily to Japanese pop and rock, though I haven't listened to much new stuff these days.

On the "other" side of the world (the "Western" world -- aka where I live), I tend to listen to pop and rock -- often to boy bands (where are they now?!). I often like the music in hip hop and rap -- not always the lyrics. I also have a huge affinity with songs from Musicals.

For instrumentals, I often enjoy Celtic stuff and Baroque stuff. I also really like string pieces and piano solos. They can be long and drawn out or with tons of 8th / 16th notes -- if it works, I'll love it.

I tend to be indifferent to: metal, country, classical, punk, jazz, and whatever else I didn't mention above.

But, as always: if I like it, I'll like it.

Thanks for reading! As mentioned earlier, feel free to comment or anything. Feel free to recommend stuff to me as well. No promises that I'll like it, but I'll most certainly check it out sometime.

Now I'll share some Youtube videos of some songs that I like. I tried selecting stuff from different genres (to show that I do like stuff from kind of all over), but I'm sure there's some overlap. To stress again, this does not represent all that I like or listen to.

And one more thing:

Listen at your own risk ;)

Eluveitie -- Isara

ESTi -- Oblivion (From the DJ Max Portable games)

Wowaka -- Two-Faced Lovers (From Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Extended game)

Shoji Meguro -- Backside of the TV (From Persona 4 game)

Shoji Meguro -- Subete no Hito no Tamashii no Shi (From Persona 3 game)

Alan Menken / Stephen Schwartz -- That's How You Know (From Enchanted movie)

J. Cole -- God's Gift

B.O.B feat. Bruno Mars -- Nothin' on You

Epik High -- Love Love Love

Mell -- Red Fraction (From Black Lagoon anime series)

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