Tuesday, 24 December 2013

BLOG -- Brief Thoughts on the Power Outage + Merry Christmas!

Now... I did not intentionally miss my blogging this past Sunday so I could blog "Merry Christmas" to you today. I was caught in the mass of power outages that happened over the weekend, and just wasn't able to access a working computer with internet connection and blog. 

I was with my sister and her fiance when it happened, and luckily for them, power went back on Sunday night. My other home (where I live with my mother and father) didn't get power until today, so I've been staying at my sister and her fiance's place for the whole weekend, plus yesterday and today (the longest I've ever stayed there!). Even though I could have blogged earlier (possibly Sunday or Monday night), I had such disoriented feelings since the power outage -- I just felt really out-of-whack and couldn't bring myself to do much except for play video games, and a bit of work (booooo to that...).

It's amazing just how dangerous and powerful freezing rain could be. Besides the huge blackout in the Summer all those years ago, I can't remember a time when a power outage lasted for so long and felt so... crippling. Despite fighting it and trying to come up with things to do for the rest of the day, it was a little... scary. There's not much you can do in the dark besides sleep, and I don't want to go to sleep at 6-ish PM (when the day gets dark at this time).

What can I say -- it was an adventure, and I hope I can be better prepared for it in the future (not sure how, though -- portable power generators don't seem to be an option, since that could cause carbon [monoxide? dioxide?] poisoning). One big plus is that I am here at my sister and her fiance's place and we can celebrate Christmas tomorrow, yay!

And on that note, I hope you all get to have a safe and warm Merry Christmas! And a Happy Boxing Day! I am personally over-budget for December, but I still might... do a bit of Boxing Day shopping... ack!

Anywho, thanks for reading! Be safe and Merry Christmas! :)

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