Sunday, 1 December 2013

BLOG -- One of a Kind Show (Christmas -- Toronto)

Since my first exposure to the One of a Kind Show, I've been attending every Toronto show with my sister. When we go, we always go with our "plan of attack", which is starting at one end of the room (farthest away from the food section), snaking through all the booths, and then back-tracking to purchase what we want. 

This year we changed our "plan of attack" a little -- snake through some booths, and then back-track if there was something we wanted. The downside to this is that we don't get to see everything before deciding whether or not to purchase something. The upside is the distance to back-track, which sometimes stopped us from actually back-tracking in the past. Walking from Row A to Row X could feel like a 10-minute trip, considering the large number of attendees. It is near impossible to speed-walk.

We got to the show around 1-ish PM and finished around 5-ish PM. Even though this is my 4th year of attendance, I still get fascinated with what's there. And I always love visiting the food section. Mmmm...!

I was glad to see familiar favourites at the show, like Mad Batter Bakers and Monkey Butter. When I like the stuff, I'm happy to see them again. I never get the chance to buy everything I want (I'm not made of money, haha). So seeing them again gives me that chance. Sometimes seeing them at the One of a Kind show is the best way for me to buy their stuff. 

Other booths I was glad to see were Sweet Truth Candy, The Bean Ladies, Oladesign, and another booth (I forgot the name -- they sold cute octopus-designed mugs and tableware). The booth selling musical spoons wasn't there this time, which was a bit upsetting.

A booth selling sock monkey-fashioned clothing. 
I don't know how or why this trend became so big. 
The tent is unique, though.

After checking the show guide, two of these booths weren't new to the Winter show, but they were new to me.

Creepy Christine -- Her stuff appeals to my cynical side.

Handmades -- I like the geeky nature of many of her greeting cards.

Him Creations -- She makes felt creations and they are sooooooo cute!! Here's a Youtube video featuring her briefly and some of her products:

Compared to the Spring show last year, I spent more money this time. *sigh* My wallet cries, but I know that I'm supporting people, and that feels good.

Here were my purchases (I did not take any photos of what my sister got):

Monkey Butter! They had 3 new flavours this year: 
Chocolate Mint, Cranberry Orange, and Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. 
I really like the Cranberry Orange!

Cookies from the Mad Batter Bakers. Delicious!

Geeky cards from Handmades. I love the Pi cards.

Some inappropriate gift tags and buttons from Creepy Christine.

Sweet marshmallows from La Nougaterie.

A cute seagull and vase from Him Creations.

Total spendings:
Monkey Butter -- $70
Mad Batter cookies  -- 3 for $20
Geeky cards -- 4 for $22.60
Gift Tags and Buttons -- $13
Marshmallows -- $10
Seagull and Vase -- $50
TOTAL: $185.60

My sister:
Mad Batter cookies -- $8
Garlic Speads -- $35
Hot Sauce for her fiance -- $20
TOTAL: $63

TOTAL TOTAL: $248.60

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the One of a Kind Show. It's fun to see all the different things, new and familiar. I've already purchased my ticket for the Spring show. Hopefully I can set aside more money and support more people.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a good week! :)

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