Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BLOG -- My Day Without Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn; Spouting About Daigasso! Band Brothers

Since Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is down for maintenance for the whole day today, I'm going to take this chance to blog. And what better thing to blog about than this very day... as I suffer from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn withdrawals. Hahaha, well, I'm just joking... a little.

Anywho, the game is down for the whole day so that Patch 2.2 can be implemented. New quests, new features, more crafting, more fishing -- added gardening (kyaa!)... it's really exciting stuff. 

So what did I do today? Well... (my apologies if this read is not too interesting to you)

6:30 AM: I woke up (bleh...)

6:30 AM - 7:15 AM: Did my washroom stuff (brush teeth, take a shower while singing)

7:15 AM - 7:30 AM: Prepared my lunch and breakfast.

7:30 AM - 8:10 AM: Normally, I would log onto Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and do a bit of crafting and gathering, but today I checked Siliconera for any gaming news and then I checked my e-mail. I got an e-mail from a close friend asking for song suggestions to download for this really cool Japanese DS rhythm game called Daigasso! Band Brothers DX. If you have never heard of Daigasso! Band Brothers DX, here's a sample playthrough (it only shows the top screen of the DS, and you can only pick one instrument to play through at a time):

 Sample playthrough of Impossible's version of Chrono Trigger's "To Far Away Times"

About two weeks ago, I alerted this same friend that Nintendo was shutting down its Wi-Fi servers for the Wii and DS on May 20. See, one of the really cool things about Daigasso! Band Brothers DX is its song editor that allows you to create midi songs of pre-existing songs (as you may have seen in the video above) and upload them to Nintendo's servers for other players to download (a player can download up to 100 different songs). I remember that when this game came out, there were over 1000 available songs a month after its release. And to download them, you need to connect to Wi-Fi (bleh).

I checked my old folders and luckily I found a really old Excel file (it's 5 years old!) that listed almost all the songs I downloaded back then (yay for me and my list-making tendencies!!). I wanted to double-check the list before sending it off to her so I responded, telling her that I would send her the list tonight.

8:10 - 9:10 AM: My commute to work. I ate a mild patty on the way since I only had soy milk for breakfast (I forgot to buy cereal for this morning. And yes, I was late to work... *ack*)

9:10 AM - 6:00 PM: Work. At least I made up for my tardiness... by working for an extra 50 minutes.

6:00 PM - 6:15 PM: Bought some cereal (not gonna forget again...).

6:15 PM - 7:15 PM: My commute back home. I played some Bravely Default.

7:15 PM - 9:15 PM: I looked through my old download list for Daigasso! Band Brothers DX while eating dinner. That was really fun and nostalgic. I actually have two copies of Daigasso! Band Brothers DX so I was listening to nearly 200 song snippets. I ended up playing some of them and realizing just how rusty I had become. 

You wanna know why I really like the Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (and the series overall)? You're probably not interested in knowing... but I'm gonna tell you anyway. There are several reasons:

1. I get to practice my Japanese. Since the game is in Japanese, all the song names (unless they were originally in English) are Japanese and are written using the two alphabet sets that I've taught myself (katakana and hiragana). Sometimes I still get some characters mixed up, but it was definitely a good chance to get better at it.

2. Only one person needed to own the game for others to play (up to 8 people!). That is just awesome.

3. This is the biggest reason why I really like Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (and the series overall): it was what I considered a very large hub for various music exposures. Because I often have the attitude of "being open" to various genres (for any kind of media -- music, video games, movies, etc.), I let myself get exposed to a ton of new songs and artists. If I didn't recognize the song title, I would try Youtubbing it. It was because of my attitude that I found a Korean Pop song that I now really really like ("Love Love Love" by Epik High). 

It was also through a Daigasso! Band Brothers game that I found one of my most favourite Japanese Rock / Pop bands (I will blog about it in due time). Other artists that I found through Daigasso! Band Brothers were Greeeen, Spitz, Aqua Timez, Arashi, The Back Horn, and Kobukuro.

Here are some Youtube videos of just some of the cool tunes I found through Daigasso! Band Brothers (you may not like them, but to each their own). Most of these songs are in Japanese, BUT there are also a couple that are in English.

"前進 僕 戦場へ" by Lunkhead.
I love the opening guitar.

"Bored of Everything" by Ellegarden.
I want to find a karaoke track of this. I want to sing it!
This song is entirely in English.

"Robinson" by Spitz.
It sounds so melancholic. I love it.

"Be Free" by Greeeen.
It was this music video that led me to a Japanese movie that I like:
Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge

"Discography" by Straightener. This song is entirely in English. If you ever catch the original music video, it is weiiird --

"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Everton Nelson, and Jacques.
This is an instrumental piece and it is so beautiful...

And last but not least...

"とくそうせんたいデカレンジャー" (Dekaranger Opening theme).
Listening to this just gets my blood pumping! So intense and exciting!

9:15 PM - 9:40 PM: Watched an episode of Boys Be while finishing up my dinner.

9:40 PM - 12:10-ish PM: I am blogging this blog!

What am I going to do after this? Go to sleep. Hahaha... This is the first in weeks that I have a chance to sleep at a more reasonable time (instead of staying up to 1-1:30 AM, playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn...).

If you've read this far in the blog -- thank you!!

You all have a good week and see you all again (hopefully in a more timely manner).

Matane! (See you later!) :)

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