Tuesday, 30 September 2014

BLOG -- Recap of September

When I thought about my time in September, I thought this month would be slow-ish, with a lot of "me time" to take advantage of. Boy was I wrong! September ended up being a very busy and hectic month, with events happening every weekend (I just wanna stay home and play Final Fantasyyyyyy, lol). There were also some unfortunate things going on, with one very nice thing (that I will keep a secret at this time).

There were actually a couple blogs I wanted to do during September, but I guess I'll try blogging about them this month (if I have the time).

Outings/Events in September:
- Attended part 2 of the bachelorette party from August. 

- Attended the RePlay symphony (a video game music symphony).

- Attended TIFF for the first time (and watched 3 movies...).

- Stayed over at my sister's place x2.

- Karaoked with a friend for 2 hours.

- Celebrated my grandfather's birthday.

- Hung out with a friend visiting from California.

- Hung out with a friend x3.

- I got all my crafting classes to level 50 (max level) in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, woot!!

- I beat Leviathan EX on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, wooot!!

- Something secret! (I will not say what this is at all) ^__^

- (restaurant) Chipotle -- I kinda forgot what I had, but the food was okay.

- (anime) Hunter x Hunter (older version) -- I watched two episodes and thought it was okay. It looked it could make a fun video game.

- (Movie): Sin City: A Dame to Kill For -- Very good. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was so cool here.

- (Movie): Breathe -- I did not enjoy this movie at all. It was the first movie I watched at TIFF. I felt sick, nauseus, and with a big headache. The acting was good, though.

- (Movie): Over Your Dead Body -- The 2nd movie I watched for TIFF. Being directed by Takashi Miike, I was counting on it to have some really disturbing bits (and it did). Well done, Miike. It was an enjoyable movie (not because of all the disturbing bits, mind you!).

- (Movie): Labyrinthus -- The 3rd movie I watched at TIFF. I really liked this movie. If it ever came out on DVD, I would consider getting it.

- (Movie): Compliance -- Very well-acted. It just saddens me a bit that this movie is based off of actual events.

- (Movie): Maze Runner -- Very enjoyable! If I have time, I will blog about it.

- (Movie): The Princess Bride -- I've watched this movie so many times now, and I still love it. Sooooo romantic! <3 <3

- (DS): Legacy of Ys: Book I & II -- It took me long enough! I kept playing this on and off. The music is good, and the story is intriguing. I just wish there wasn't so much possible backtracking that I felt I had to use a walkthrough to play through both games.

- (Manga): Midnight Secretary by Tomu Ohmi -- I've read this before and I'm really glad the series got licensed. I should blog about this in the future.

Playing (not all at once):
- (PS4): Destiny
- (PS3): Borderlands 2  
- (3DS): Bravely Default
- (3DS): Weapon Shop de Omasse
- (3DS): Liberation Maiden
- (3DS): Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale
- (3DS): Theatrhythm: Curtain Call
- (GBA): The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition  
- (PSP): Persona 
- (PSP): Crush
- (PSVita): Persona 4 Golden
- (Wii): Fortune Street 
- (PS2): Atelier Iris 2 
- (PC): UnEpic  
- (PC): King's Bounty: The Legend

- (TV Show): The Walking Dead (Season 3) 
- (Anime): Yu Yu Hakusho (don't remember)
- (Anime): Shakugan no Shana (Season 1 -- Episode 19)
- (Anime): Log Horizon (episode 3)
- (Anime): Sword Art Online (episode 11)

- (Manga): Judge by Yoshiki Tonogai 

That's it for September. Here are a couple photos I took this month and one Youtube video I was exposed to.

 A cereal shopping spree! Thanks to my workplace for this "gift".

 Sitting in my seat for the RePlay Symphony.

Nevereverland by Nano. Even though the song is quite sad,
I like it a lot (especially like the beginning).

Thanks for reading!

You all have a good rest of the week and take care! :)

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