Friday, 31 October 2014

BLOG -- Recap of October

So this is kinda strange. When I think of October, I think of this crazy-busy month where so much of my time was spent on various activities. Now... as I fill out these sections for what I did in October, I see that I really didn't have such a busy month. Why did I feel like I didn't have enough time almost all the time? 

To touch on something else, I'm a little disappointed in myself. I don't like that I did not write any blogs this month. I'm... not happy about that -- especially when there were things I definitely could have blogged about.

In November -- I gotta write about something!! The timestamps of my thoughts... I can't let them slip away! ><''

Outings/Events in October:
- Attended 2 weddings on the same day (neither of them were my weddings, mind you!). 

- Had a karaoke outing with my team mates.

- Hung out with a friend x2.

- I got my Novus weapon on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, yayyy!!

- (restaurant) Dumpling King -- This place had some really yummy dumplings.

- (Youtubber) Adam Johnston -- I got exposed to this person in a pretty random way. I had this sudden urge one day to listen to reviews / thoughts on the Silent Hill movies. I found his video (under the username YourMovieSucksDOTorg) and listened to it (I couldn't watch it, 'cuz I was at work at the time). I liked what I heard and decided to listen to more of his stuff. Though slightly creepy at times, I generally find his thoughts funny and observant. He also has a music channel anUnkindnessvideo that features music he's created (which is so cool).

- (Play) The Thing Between Us -- This was a play about two girls who become close friends. However, one of the girls is very dependent and clingy, often using their close bond to twist the other girl to comply to her wishes or needs. It was interesting to see the dynamics of their relationship. The acting was very well done, too.

- (Song) "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes -- One of my co-worker friends shared this song with me, and I'm glad that he did. This is hands down one of the best songs I've been exposed to so far this year. It is positive, sweet, but also with a hint of nostalgia and something bittersweet. Listening to this makes me think of so many things, both happy and sad. There is one line in particular that when I listen to it, I often get affected because I can relate (in a way). The line is... "I'm glad I didn't die before I met you."  

- (Movie): Gone Girl -- This was a very good movie. Great script. Great music. Great acting. Interesting thoughts. But -- what a mindf*ck, hahaha. I've been tempted many times to watch it again.

- (Movie): Divergent -- I had some issues with some of the plot points, and the whole idea was a little weird. But all in all, it was an okay movie. If I was to be placed in a faction, I would be a divergent, lol.

- Nothing this month.

- Nothing this month.

Playing (not all at once):
- (PS4): Destiny
- (PS3): Borderlands 2  
- (3DS): Bravely Default
- (3DS): Weapon Shop de Omasse
- (3DS): Liberation Maiden
- (3DS): Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale
- (3DS): Theatrhythm: Curtain Call  
- (GBA): The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition  
- (PSP): Persona 
- (PSP): Crush
- (PSVita): Persona 4 Golden  
- (Wii): Fortune Street 
- (PS2): Atelier Iris 2 
- (PC): UnEpic  
- (PC): King's Bounty: The Legend

- (TV Show): The Walking Dead (Season 3) 
- (Anime): Yu Yu Hakusho (don't remember)
- (Anime): Shakugan no Shana (Season 1 -- Episode 19)
- (Anime): Log Horizon (episode 3)
- (Anime): Sword Art Online (episode 14)

- (Manga): Judge by Yoshiki Tonogai 

That's it for October. Here's one photo I took this month and a few Youtube videos.

 The table display for my friend's wedding reception.
That wedding reception was really very magical and sweet.

 "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes.
There's just no way to talk about the song and not share it, too.

"Fragments" by An Unkindness (Adam Johnston):
One of Adam Johnston's songs that I really like. He's got some 
really nice piano-playing skills.

"I Won't Care" by An Unkindness (Adam Johnston):
This is my favourite song from Adam Johnston. I wish 
it was available to buy somewhere. A couple disclaimers: 
1. This song is darkish with what I consider to be intense, heavy lyrics in the second half.
2. This song is about a person thinking about suicide and going through with it in the end.
Now... in case you are wondering... the song doesn't portray going through suicide as a positive act. I know I've had such thoughts in the past, so I can really relate.

Thanks for reading! Happy late Halloween!

You all have a good weekend! Don't let the vampires bite! :)