Sunday, 2 August 2015

BLOG -- The Top 5 Superpowers I Would Like to Have

So I've been wanting to make an entry like this for a while now, but just never got around to it. I don't know about you, but I've wanted to have superpowers all my life. And no, not the ability to fly, if you were thinking that (I guess I kinda think a lot of people would like to be able to fly). I used to have many dreams about flying when I was young and I was always really nervous when I would jump and just keep going higher -- sooo scary, hahaha. Anywho, here are the top 5 superpowers I would like to have, with #1 being my most desired. The first couple are probably very obvious, if you've been reading my blogs for a while. At least, I think they would be obvious.

Superpower #1: The ability to stop time (while not aging)
I've mentioned this many times before, about not having enough time to do this or that -- sometimes not even having enough time to blog. If I could stop Time (and not age while it's stopped), then maybe I could finally experience my massive backlog of video games, movies, anime, TV shows... I could even spend the time and learn the stuff I want to learn! Of course, I know this could never happen, so I am trying to be more efficient with my time.

Superpower #2: To NOT age from a certain point
Right now, I think I don't act my age. And I doubt that would change as I get older. In fact, I foresee possibly getting weird looks and reactions as I get older, look older, but still acting young. That's why I would like to stay 25 forever, hahaha. That's how old I feel (and now you know that I am at least older than that, lol... my apologies if you thought I was younger!).

Superpower #3: To be a natural repellent to insects (and other harmful creatures)
I generally don't like bugs, so I would very much like to have this power. It would give me tremendous peace of mind and I may actually get out of the house more often. It would also give me peace of mind at home, so I can do whatever without any surprises, like a spider landing on my leg (it's happened once -- eeeek!).

Superpower #4: To be able to telepathically communicate my emotions and thoughts to another
Sometimes I think my words and actions get misinterpreted and misunderstood. And -- well -- I'm not very good at verbal communication. Sometimes I don't think I could really could put into words how I feel about something. I would like this power so I can get those things across.

Superpower #5: To be invisible
I think this would be an awesome ability so I can roam around and explore places. And of course -- to observe things. Sometimes I find it more enjoyable to overlook situations / events instead of being in it. And no, I would totally not abuse this power -- like going invisible to get into conventions for free. Or playing pranks on people (though the latter would be super-tempting). ;)

And that's my top 5. Other superpowers I would like include:
-Being able to instantly teleport to another location (not flying, lol)
-To read super, super fast (I am a slow reader)
-To be able to replicate any kind of media I've experienced (so that it's not lost forever)
-To be able to breathe underwater without any kind of apparatus
-To be able to play through horror games without getting scared (well, it'd be a superpower to me)

That's it for this blog. What superpower(s) would you like to have?

One of the most creative superpowers I ever heard was this: the ability to absorb chocolate -- meaning you can eat as much chocolate as you like and not get affected in any way (like an upset stomach or whatever else).

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or anything, feel free. :)

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