Sunday, 29 November 2015

BLOG (PERSONAL) -- My Last Two Days (Nov. 27-28)

So I had a pretty fun time these past two days -- so much that I want to document some memories of them. So... this entry is more for me -- I'm not sure how interesting it would be for you.

Nothing spectacular happened at work, so let's just skip that. I'll just say I was so crazy busy at work that day that I couldn't even take a break to eat lunch (*sigh*).

After work that day, though, was the staff Holiday party. Usually I'm very weary when it comes to staff parties. Well, I was still very weary. I've mentioned many times in past entries that I am a shy girl -- social events aren't really my thing, unless it involves something that I find fun, like playing video games or watching anime or karaoking, etc. Anywho, I wasn't really looking forward to the event. The only saving grace in my mind was that my sister was invited to the party. I thought, 'Okay, at least there will be somebody I can stick with the whole night who won't feel uncomfortable or that I'm bothering her.'

The party was held at this place called The Drake Hotel. It's this swanky-looking hotel that also has rooms for clubbing. 

Anyway, at the party, I was lucky to sit with a couple co-workers I did chat with from time to time. In addition to sitting with my sister, sitting with them really helped make the whole night more bearable and actually pretty fun.

Now I'll just list a couple moments that I want to always remember (for whatever reason):

-I asked my co-worker if his orange-coloured drink (a Manhattan) was good and he said, "Yeah, you want to try a sip?". So I took his drink and took a sip and immediately scrunched up my face -- it was so bitter. I handed it back to him, and another co-worker put his red-coloured drink in front of me (a Negroni) and said, "Here. Wash out the flavour with this." Cautiously and hesitantly, I took a sip and coughed. My throat felt like it was burning. I considered that my bit of entertainment for my co-workers, hahaha.

-When we first entered the party room we were given five raffle tickets and three drink tickets. Off to the right end were two tables with maybe 10 raffle prizes. To enter, we drop our tickets into whichever prize we want to try winning. If we wanted to, we could drop all five tickets into one prize. This year, I wasn't really feeling anything too strong from any of the prizes (I may talk about this in a future blog), so I spread out my entries, dropping one ticket into multiple prizes. Later that night, my co-worker offered to trade his five raffle tickets for my three drink tickets. I agreed and told him, "I'll drop one in the Ultimate Shaving Kit (a raffle prize). If I win it, it's yours." Well... guess who won the Ultimate Shaving Kit?? ;) I also won something from my batch of tickets: a tiny fridge / cooler thing. It's mainly for storing drinks, but I'll probably end up using it for something else... like keeping my clothes cool during the Summer (hahaha, just kidding... I think).

At the end of the party, I went back to my sister's place and I got exposed to a song that really spoke to me. I find it so sad and positive at the same time, I like it so much. What song is it? I'm keeping it secret for now. ;)

This day, my sister, her hubby, our friend, and I tried our hand at another real-life room escape (though it was our friend's first time). We went to the same place as the last time, but we tried The Syndicate mission. If you're curious, here is the blog entry of my first experience, spoiler-free.

We failed the mission, but it was sooooo fun! I'm not sure how helpful I was this time, but I totally enjoyed crawling around the place (because this mission called for some crawling). There was also a MacGyver situation that I missed (since I was in another room), but got to hear about afterwards (I totally wished I saw it -- my friend was laughing a lot when he watched it).

If we do this room again, I am definitely crawling around again. It was so immersive and so fun ;)

And that's it for this blog. Thanks for reading! Have a good rest of the weekend and I'll see you tomorrow when my end-of-month blog goes up :)

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