Sunday, 6 May 2012

BLOG -- My Crazy Week (Apr. 30-May 4)

So, this is going to be more of a rant than anything else. This week has been so busy and stressful for me, that I'm just going to keep this entry short. I still have a lot of things to work on today. Man, I'm so overloaded, haha...

So... where to start. Work has been overwhelming, but that's because I had so many personal things happening exactly this same week -- stuff that takes just as much priority as work (at least to me). So... I just feel like my brain is melting right now. Here is what happened to me this week.

1. Three new interns started this week, one placed with my team. She's very awesome.

2. I got placed into a project with very tight deadlines. It's slightly similar to what I've done in the past, but much more intensive. I know I would be enjoying this much more if it was the only thing I had to focus on this week.

3. Wednesday was my team-mate's first year of working with us, and I made a simple card for him. So on Monday and Tuesday, I spent some time trying to figure out what to write, as well as getting my other team-mates to sign it. It was fun, but I had this nagging feeling that I should have been doing something else. Wednesday was also my first year of working there. A co-worker treated me to something delicious and moist, yum!

4. On Wednesday and Thursday, I had to leave work at 5 PM to pick up packages (I would have stayed late doing work otherwise). I had to pick them up this week or they'd be sent back. One was a package from Japan, and it was a limited product, so I couldn't have it sent back.

The other package was from Vancouver, BC, and it was a package I had been looking forward to since I ordered it (it was also a bit pricey). I didn't even know it was in Toronto until I got an e-mail on Wednesday from the seller, telling me that it's been in Toronto for over a week (where were my shipping slips?) and that it would be sent back on Friday. The shipping terminal was all the way out in Mississauga (WAAAY out of my way). I left work at 5 PM and got home around 7:45 PM...

5. The online course I've been taking for work -- its deadline is next Wednesday. I was hoping to set aside a good chunk of time this week to really read and absorb the stuff.

6. When I thought this week couldn't get worse, it did. I'm not elaborating any further. I just got hit with something -- something that I dread (those who know me might have an idea). Ugh... ><'

So there you go. That's how my week's been like -- really super-crazy and busy. I think it was me having to pick up those two packages and trying to study that just did it. I don't mind prioritizing work over my personal life... as long as it's not everyday -- and as long as nothing else is going on in my life that I find equally important or urgent.

Yesterday, I took a break and spent most of the day browsing through this gothic lolita shop site. I want to buy some stuff... I wish I could wear them to work, lol. If I do end up getting something, I'll blog about it.

Here are a couple of pictures (just 'cuz I want to share them):

The simple card that I made for my team-mate. Here's what it says (in case the photo's too fuzzy):
"1 Year at ________________ (I blocked this out) results in..."
* Gaining 15 lbs
* Dressing snazzy
* Typing faster than a speeding bullet
* Shooting lasers from your eyes
* An undying love for Format Painter
* Your time equalling Company Time
* The occasional alcohol consumption during Lunch
* Being more AWESOME!!

This was my package from Vancouver, BC. Monkey Butter! I talked about this in my One of a Kind Show (Spring) blog. I wasn't able to get it then, so I e-mailed the seller and ordered sampler jars and two big jars of the White Chocolate Raspberry flavour and Maple Bacon flavour. For the past week, everyday after work, I would say to my sister: "Where's my Monkey Butter?!". Finally, I have it. Ah, sweet love...

I think this song best expresses how I'm feeling this week (just the music, rhythm, and melody, NOT the lyrics):
Kurukuru Mark no Sugoi Yatsu (Let's Spin Wildly) -- Hatsune Miku

Thanks for reading! I'm going to goof off for a few hours and then get back to work. If you want to comment or anything, please go ahead! :)

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