Sunday, 22 July 2012

BLOG (Personal) -- My Birthday Week (July 16-July 22)

Well, my birthday was some time this week. Yay! And boo! As I've mentioned to some of my friends, I'm happy to be alive -- not so happy that I'm getting older, especially at this age (my heart feels too young to be this old!!).

As a result of this "special day", almost every day this week has been some kind of celebration for me. So... I'm going to blog about it. Haha, it's my birthday -- I get to indulge however I want (sort of).

MONDAY JULY 16, 2012

Cake! And an alien! Mmmm... (greyed out company secrets)

I got cake... at work! Yay!!! I was working at my desk when one of my team-mates appeared out of the corner of my eye. He didn't say anything so I continued working. Then I heard the sounds of a container being placed on my desk. I turned to the sound and reacted to the sight of a delicious-looking slice of cake... and a mysterious blue alien. I turned to my team-mate and he said, "Happy Birthday!"

What a surprise!! The mysterious blue alien is actually a mini massager (that vibrates, hahaha). Unfortunately, the vibrating sound is too loud for me to even think about using it at work -- everybody would know when I'm using it; plus it could be distracting to others. I use it quite often at home, though. It's so soothing and relaxing... hehehehe :)

Monday was also the first time I wore high heels and platforms. Such a killer on my feet.


I took a day off work today. I spent the morning at a mall, doing a bit of shopping. Then I watched The Amazing Spider-Man. I really enjoyed it (I cried a few times, haha). I'm a little biased, though, 'cuz I like Emma Stone (I really like her deep voice).

Then I went home and changed (to my heels again), and met up with my sister and friends at Guu -- this really cool Japanese tapas bar place.

It was totally fun and awesome. I was the only one drinking alcohol and my friends were playfully teasing me -- saying that I owe them money and playing tricks with my vision.

Later in the day, the servers started gathering around a table in the corner, holding tambourines and shakers, and sang happy birthday. I smiled, thinking, That singing will be for me, too. None of my friends left the table during the whole time, so I figured that servers won't be singing happy birthday to me.

Little did I know...

I made a wish and blew out the candle. Looks like the candle 
can fall over and set the creme brulee on fire.

When servers started coming my way with shakers and tambourines, my first thought was, Is it also somebody's birthday in the group what was sitting next to us? When the servers stopped right next to me, it finally hit me that my friends -- super sneaky that they are -- organized this for me! I was super embarrassed, covering my face every now and then, as the servers sang Happy Birthday. The more embarrassing thing is that one of my friends took a video of it all...

Before we left Guu, I had to use the washroom. The woman's stall was occupied so I used the guy's stall (the washrooms are individual stalls). When I was done, I made sure to put the seat back up :)


Shoyu ramen with rich soup and pork belly.

After work, I met up with another group of friends and we had some ramen. I was very happy -- I haven't seen some of them in a long while. I wasn't fully over my drinking yesterday at Guu, so I had water this time. 

We talked about random things, like when we first drank alcohol (2nd year in University for me), if we ever got drunk (not yet -- at least not how they defined being "drunk"), which ramen guy we would date based off of their looks (none of them -- not really my type, haha).

After ramen, we went to a park, sat on a bench (then a table), and continued talking. Hehe, lots of fun. :)


After work, today... was my outing with my team-mates! I've been looking forward to this day all week. Today was the day we would go karaoking. Kyaaaaaa!!!! ~~~~~ I get to hear my team-mates singing. Kyaaaaaaaa!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~ 

First, we had a couple of drinks at a bar (I had water). Then we went to Finn (another Japanese tapas bar). The food there was pretty good. I enjoyed what I had. I was a little sad that the dynamite rolls had spicy sauce on them (I can't take spice very well, and I love dynamite rolls). While there, I had a couple glasses of wine.

Next, we took a taxi to our next location: Bar+ Karaoke & Lounge.

I did not sing this song. Can you recognize what it is? :) 

Karaoking with my team-mates was AWESOME!! We sang for over two hours. During that time, I ended up drinking three shots of something and a glass of gin & tonic. Haha... I never imagined I would drink so much... Drinking them made my voice lower -- at least that's what I'm saying. It was really difficult for me to sing high notes that night.

I sang:

-Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow -- The Shirelles
-I Want it That Way -- Backstreet Boys
-Lonely Boy -- The Black Keys (my boss was dancing along with the video)
-Nothing on You -- B.O.B./Bruno Mars (I was trying so hard to hit the high notes, lol)
-Careless Whisper -- WHAM
-Bad Romance -- Lady Gaga (this is more my sister's song. I don't listen to Lady Gaga)

Almost everybody sang. One team-mate refused, but I caught him singing along at times. Ahhh... I wish that it could go on forever! XD

FRIDAY JULY 20, 2012 

Nothing happened today. Too tired and dazed from last night's karaoking.


I met up with an old friend and we went karaoking for three hours. Haha, I really wanted to sing again. I had a really awesome time, and sang some songs I don't normally sing. Fortunately, I did not record them (because they sucked), but I recorded this:

Me singing The Beatles' "Yesterday". (The screen will stay black 
so just hit "play" and do something else)

SUNDAY JULY 22, 2012 

Well, I'm just blogging away while listening to this really cool anime series called Master Keaton. It's an old series, but it's got lots of substance and pretty good and intense music sometimes. I'm going to play some video games later.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all had as great a week as I have. :)


  1. Happy belated birthday! It's cool you have so many friends to celebrate with.

    1. Thanks! I've never really thought of myself as having many friends. :P