Sunday, 29 July 2012

EXPOSURES (FOOD PLACES) -- Asahi Sushi, Wow! Sushi

So I've been going on a sushi-eating spree this month. There were weeks where I found myself eating sushi almost everyday. Well, during this time, I checked out a couple of new places.


March 30, 2013 -- I just found out that Asahi Sushi has changed management. Due to this, my thoughts on this restaurant is no longer relevant. I have removed this part of the blog until I've gone and tried the new Asahi.

Location: 7000 Bathurst Street, Thornhill, Ontario (Bathurst & Steeles) Google Map
Contact #: 905-760-1294 (according to
Website: None
Type(s) of Cuisine: Japanese
Specialty (if any): Sushi
Price Range (for a main dish): ??? -- ($??? lunch sets; California Rolls: $???; Dynamite Rolls: $???; Salmon Sashimi: ???)
Restaurant Size: ???
Recommend? ???

Brief Impression

What I Ate / Drank...
TBD -- ???


Location: 11 Charles Street, Toronto, Ontario (close to Yonge & Bloor) Google Map
Contact #:  (416) 923-1888
Website: Click!
Type(s) of Cuisine: Japanese
Specialty (if any): Sushi
Price Range (for a main dish): Mid -- ($10-$15 for lunch sets; California Rolls: $5.00; Dynamite Rolls: $8.00; Salmon Sashimi [4 pieces]: $7.00)
Restaurant Size: Small
Recommend? Yes!

Brief Impression
Just like Asahi, the inside doesn't look all that spectacular. The outside canopy doesn't exactly scream "Good sushi here!" either (check it out). When you get past that, though, you get friendly, efficient service, and terrific food. The sushi here has a lighter taste. This place has good soy sauce, too!

The neat thing at Wow! Sushi is that it has otoro on the menu. Otoro is, according to Wikipedia, the fattiest part of tuna (it should melt in your mouth). It is supposedly very high quality and very expensive -- and I have never seen it offered at any other sushi place I've been to. Wow! Sushi has otoro priced at $20 for 4 pieces of sashimi and $12 for 2 pieces of sushi. Sounds quite pricey to me. My curiosity will drive me to try it out one day.

Another thing I should mention is that the hours listed on Wow! Sushi's website is only for the online ordering. The actual restaurant is open way before 5 PM.

What I Ate / Drank... 
Salmon Sashimi -- Yummy! The presentation was pretty cute. The chef placed a small yellow flower over the sashimi.
California Rolls -- Delicious!
Dynamite Rolls -- Very good. I was a little sad that it had some spicy sauce on it. I can't take spice very well.

California rolls and dynamite rolls. Looks standard, but tastes yum!

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or want to know more about anything, feel free! :)

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  1. As much as I totally love Asahi, I uh... didn't recognize the place from the picture. Bad, me, bad!