Sunday, 23 September 2012

EXPOSURES (VIDEO GAME) -- Borderlands 2

So this past Friday, I picked up Borderlands 2 and have been hooked on it since. Since I'm itching to get back to it, I figure I might as well blog about it briefly.

Borderlands 2

Playtime Length (so far): 15-ish hours
Platform Played on: PS3
Language: English
Type of Game: FPS, RPG, Stat/Class-building, Free-roaming-ish
Game-specific Details: Currently playing as the Siren (by myself), and as the Assassin (with my sister and her fiance)

Brief Impression
This game, just like Borderlands, is very fun and addictive. If you've played the first one, then you've pretty much played the second one -- which isn't a bad thing since the first one was so good.

Differences in Borderlands 2 that I've seen so far are the skill trees for the classes, the way to upgrade ammo, some of the enemies, the badass/token system, and of course, the story (which I imagine would be on par with the first game -- there in small chunks, but not so important).

For those who haven't played Borderlands (the first game), here's a quick breakdown of the gameplay: When you start, you select a class. Then you go around, defeating baddies, looting their stuff, getting better weapons, gaining experience, gaining levels, assigning skill points to your class-specific skill tree, taking on optional side quests -- elements of a free-roaming, action-RPG. And you're doing all of this in first person, mainly with a bunch of guns at your disposal -- elements of an FPS.

This kind of gameplay is very enjoyable and fun for me for these reasons:

1. I enjoy playing RPGs like this.
2. I like using guns in video games, but I generally suck at FPS (something about it just gets me all tense).

There aren't too many console video games that focus on guns and has RPG aspects. So I don't get much of a chance to "geek out" to reading gun "specs". I can do that with Borderlands games.

I might as well mention that in Borderlands games, the guns are not at all realistic. There are tons of variations of the gun types available. Some of them do elemental damage (like setting something on fire). And that just adds to the fun factor with me -- finding guns with ridiculous stats. And then trying them out. ;)

I personally enjoy guns with super-high accuracy and a scope.

One of the best things about Borderlands games is that there is co-op play. The nicer thing about Borderlands 2 is that you can do local co-op play and then also do co-op play with somebody online. I don't think this feature was available in Borderlands.

The humour in Borderlands 2 is still the same as it was in Borderlands -- snarky and sarcastic. It's great. The voice-acting is great as well.

Okay, I've geeked out enough. Borderlands 2 is very fun so far. If you want to try it out, but are unsure if you would enjoy it, I believe Borderlands is available on the US PSN for $20. Borderlands 2 is so similar to Borderlands, it'd be a good enough gauge.

Time for me to go back and play (squee!!).

Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to comment about anything. :)

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