Sunday, 11 November 2012

BLOG -- My Vacation (Nov.1 - Nov.11)

So, right after Hallowe'en, I started my vacation. This is the first time I've ever taken such a long vacation. More as a reminder to myself in the future, this blog will be a brief recapping of each day.

DAY 1: Thursday, November 1st
I listened to the movie Clueless and then X-Men while scrapbooking. I was listening to those two, 'cuz I was wondering if I should still keep them in my DVD collection (they passed, heh). Scrapbooking is a personal project I started maybe around Grade 10; I wanted to keep a record of my school years -- from Kindergarten all the way to at least the last year of high school. Back then, school was really enjoyable for me. Sometimes, it felt more like home than my actual home.

DAY 2: Friday, November 2nd
I did more scrapbooking while listening to one of my all-time favourite movies: Adaptation. I love that movie to bits. It just has so much insight into Life. And one of my favourite quotes comes from there. Later on, I met up with my sister to shop for Hallowe'en candy. Then we went home and played some more of the PSN game, Tokyo Jungle.

DAY 3: Saturday, November 3rd
I did a bit of shopping with my sister. I'm on a quest for good, casual pants. It sounds easy, but it's not. I'm very picky when it comes buying good, casual pants. When I got home, I watched a pile of episodes from Scrubs. I like that show. It's really funny, and it can be quite touching and sweet sometimes.

DAY 4: Sunday, November 4th
I met up with a friend and we went shopping for a bit. I bought a skirt (why am I buying a skirt in this kind of weather? Lol). Later on, I went to the LCBO and bought a can of Kronenbourg 1664. One of my co-workers recommended that beer so I was curious. I tried it out when I got home. My first reaction was, "Bleh!" After a few more sips, it was fine. I got tipsy, arg.

DAY 5: Monday, November 5th
Around Noon, I went to Mad Batter Bakers and bought a whole bunch of cookies (two bags' worth of cookies). I lugged them home and then I went out again. I was celebrating two of my friends' birthdays today. It was really fun! We're so loud. I ordered a chicken chow mein and a pint of sangria. The chow mein was okay. The sangria was pretty good (I've never had it before).

DAY 6: Tuesday, November 6th
Today, I felt like being a couch potato. I watched parts of God of Gamblers and God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stages (a Chinese movie series) while I was cleaning my messy, messy room. I haven't seen those movies in such a long time. They are kinda cheesy nowadays, but still pretty neat. After that, I met up with my sister and we watched Looper in theatres (finally!). Joseph Gordon-Levitt... wow! What a bada**! *heart heart* I have an issue with Looper, though -- the same kind of issue I have with Terminator.

DAY 7: Wednesday, November 7th
Today I was out of the house since 7 AM. I went to my workplace really early and dropped off some cookies (the ones I bought from Mad Batter Bakers). Some of my co-workers saw me. Then I had breakfast at Fran's. After that, I did a bit of shopping while waiting for my next thing: having lunch with a friend. Then I wandered around different shops while waiting for my thing: going drinking / having dinner with another friend.

That evening was awesome. My friend and I shared a pitcher of sangria. Then at some point, she spiked our drinks with whiskey. Then, we ordered a shot of j├Ągermeister (mixed with cola). The sangria was really good (much better than the one I had on Monday). When I had a sip of the sangria spiked with whiskey, I was hit by its strength. Then I was fine. The j├Ągermeister was really good.

I had a mean headache when I got home. After napping for about an hour and then having a conversation with my sister about random topics, my sister and I finished watching Corpse Princess, an anime series. It had a lot of potential, but kept falling short.

DAY 8: Thursday, November 8th
My paper shredder arrived (I ordered it online a few days ago), yay! I've wanted a paper shredder for years now. Then I went out to do a couple of errands. Then I went home and started cleaning my room (it is such a mess). When my sister got home, we watched two episodes of The Wire (cannot watch too many episodes in one sitting). Then I tried out Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the PS2. It was meh....

DAY 9: Friday, November 9th
I went out to do a couple of errands. At home, I continued cleaning my room while listening to episodes of Case Closed, this awesome anime series. The English dubbing is pretty good. Then I continued reading a manga series that I have been reading on and off: One Piece. I'm trying to reach chapter 600 so I can play One Piece: Pirate Warriors without being spoiled. I'm currently on chapter 300.

DAY 10: Saturday, November 10th
I stayed at home and cleaned my room. I have too many things!! Arrrrggg! Well... too many things I have yet to experience; books, video games, anime, movies, music... While cleaning, I listened to some more of Case Closed. I also did some household chores.

DAY 11: Sunday, November 11th
Today, I was supposed to meet up with my sister and her fiance to watch Wreck-It-Ralph, but it got cancelled (her fiance wasn't feeling so good). Then, about an hour after the cancellation (I just started playing Tokyo Jungle and listening to Case Closed), my sister called and asked if I still wanted to watch it (her fiance was feeling better). So we rushed to the meeting point and watched it. Wreck-It-Ralph was awesome. I cried so many times while watching it.

Now I'm at home, just finishing up this blog. I foresee myself listening to more episodes of Case Closed while playing some kind of video game.

My vacation was busy, but not that busy at the same time. I still wish I had more time -- there's still so much I want to do. Thanks for reading! :)

Here's a pic of me from my drinking night (with the bar over my eyes, of course):

I like that rosy glow. Can only get that from drinking ;)

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