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BLOG (PERSONAL) -- Perspectives/Memories in 2012, Top Whatevers, Top Exposures, and New Year's Resolutions

Well, the new year is quickly upon us; time to take a look back at all that's happened in 2012. But first, I'll list my New Year's Resolutions for 2013.

New Year's Resolutions for 2013
- "Work out" at least once a week (not sure how I will define "work out" right now)
- Save money
- Work out a monthly budget
- Sell more of my stuff (I have a lot of stuff on my "to-sell" pile; I need to take the initiative and sell them)
- Read at least 100 pages of my Python textbook
- Read at least 50 pages of one of my Japanese textbooks
- Create a text-based game
- Watch a play (if something good is on)  
- Watch a musical (if something good is on)
- Write a story (short story, play, whatever)
- Read a book (not manga)
- Expose myself to at least 12 games that I physically own
- Beat at least 5 games that I physically own
- Beat at least 5 games that I digitally own
- Reach Chapter 600 in One Piece manga so I can play One Piece: Pirate Warriors without worry about spoilers.

This is pretty similar to the resolutions I had last year. And just like last year, I think this is pretty ambitious. If I can do all of this by the end of 2013, then I will reward myself with... something fancy and fun! Hahaha, I can't think of anything specific right now.

2012 in Review
2012 was a more stable year for me. Not too many new things happened, besides the somewhat frequent changing of staff at work (people coming; people going) -- those were some happy moments; some sad moments.

February was a pretty significant month this year. It was the month I realized something kinda major, though I'm not going to say what (yes, even in this blog I still withhold some secrets).

"My theme song" this year: Bizarre Love Triangle by Frente. Since being exposed to this song (last year), it has become more and more prevalent as a song that hits my core. Throughout the year, I've sung it many times; in many different perspectives; thinking about many different things. At first I saw it as a break-up song; then a love song; then an indecisive love song; then a song about an internal conflict. Sometimes I'm singing with somebody in mind; sometimes to myself; sometimes to somebody I have yet to meet. There are just so many angles this song can take. And it speaks to me in those ways.

And since I'm talking so much about it, here's an a cappella version of me singing Bizarre Love Triangle. If you find this a horrible rendition, my apologies.

Bizarre Love Triangle
(There is no video. Just sound. So hit "play" and do something else)

Notable/Significant Memories/Events in 2012
Learning how to tie a tie: This was a nice and useful memory. I've always wanted to learn how to tie a tie. Wearing ties seem like such fun.

Getting my hair coloured for the first time: My hair colour is still with me, though just barely now. It was also my first time getting my hair done professionally. I think if I ever colour my hair again, I'd want to colour it deep purple.

Getting drunk and passed out for the first time (and in front of my co-workers): This is not a pleasant memory. But I gotta remember it -- so I never do it again, lol.

Getting cake at work on my Birthday: One of my team-mates surprised me with cake and a gift on my birthday. It was pleasant and totally unexpected. Which makes me all the more appreciative of the gesture.

Going Karaoke with my Team-mates: I would say this is one of my highlights of the year. It was so fun and awesome. I love my team mates. They're so great.

Spending time with my friends: I don't think I need to elaborate here.

Having friends over: My sister and I threw a party and we invited our friends. Well, only one showed up, lol. We still had an awesome time, though. We were dancing, playing video games, playing the Clue boardgame that my sister and I re-created and personalized. It was a lovely time!

Receiving my first Christmas stocking: One of my team-mates gave me my first ever Christmas stocking. What a surprise! It made me all warm and fuzzy. And happy, lol.

Top Whatevers in 2012
This is my top list of what was released in 2012 (that I also experienced). This list will be really short since I rarely live in the present (lol).

(Movie): Wreck-It Ralph
For anybody following this blog or those whom I interact with on a daily basis, I'm sure this is not a surprise.

(Video Game): Call of Duty: Black Ops II [PS3]
What can I say? It's a fun and addictive game. I also haven't experienced very many video games that were released in 2012. Just saying.

(Song): When Can I See You Again by Owl City
This is the ending theme to Wreck-It Ralph. It's spectacular. It makes me want to sing. And dance.

Top Exposures in 2012 
This is my top list of what I was exposed to this year, regardless of what year it really came out in. Any titles with two years indicate the original release date, then the English release date.

(Anime): Tie between Black Lagoon (2006/2007) and Mushi-Shi (2005/2007)
Black Lagoon is very kick-a**. I'd recommend this series to anybody. Lots of action; some dark subject matter; some relatable issues. Mushi-Shi is quite the opposite of Black Lagoon: often calm and serene, slightly horrific, but a lot of relatable issues. And very mysterious. You know what these two series have in common? A great soundtrack (Black Lagoon has rockish, electronic beats; Mushi-Shi has slow, beautiful, otherworldly tones) and fantastic English voice-acting. Sometimes I just do stuff while having one of these series playing in the background.

(Movie): Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Still the top amongst all my movie exposures this year.

(Video Game): Tie between Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA (2009) [PSP] and Persona 3: FES (2007/2008) [PS2]
I like that Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA is a rhythm game that features different music genres. I like being exposed to different sorts of music. Miku also has a really nice voice, too. Persona 3: FES... I am aware that it needs some improvements. But I gotta applaud it for its characterizations. More than the dungeon-crawling, I would prefer to learn about the stories of each character.

(Song - English): Nothin' on You by Bruno Mars + B.O.B. (2009)
This song is awesome. And I have to thank my team-mate's iPod for it. Early in the year, I used to borrow my team-mate's iPod sometimes. I don't think I would have been exposed to this song in any other way. So I'm glad.

(Song - Japanese): Tie between Koi wa Sensou (Love is War) by Supercell (2009) and Yellow by Kz (2010)
Both of these songs are sung by Hatsune Miku. Koi wa Sensou is dark and rockish. Yellow is bright and energetic.

(Book): Shakugan no Shana: The Girl With Fire in Her Eyes by Yashichiro Takahashi (2002/2007)
It's a light novel that is simple but pretty deep.

(Manga): Gunslinger Girl (2002/2003)
I've been reading this manga series on and off for the past few years. After no new release for a long time, I was ready to put this in my "to-sell" pile. Then close to the end of 2011, I saw a new volume on the shelves. And now I'm pulled back in with full force, eagerly waiting for the last volumes to be released. The storytelling and the artwork is great.


And that's that for my review of 2012. Phew, that was long.

A few things/changes I anticipate in 2013 for me:
- A better phone (I'm thinking some kind of Android, so I can create text-based games for it)
- Possibly signing up for Netflix (once I get through all my physical media)
- Getting a passport? (I'll need it if I'm gonna go to Japan one day)
- Something (I just feel it. Something will greatly change in 2013 for me. I just don't know what)

Anywho, if you've made it this far, thanks for reading! I hope 2013 will be a year filled with awesomeness and magic for you all. I will most likely say the same thing tomorrow, when I do my recap blog about December, lol.

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