Sunday, 19 May 2013


Note: In case you were wondering, where was her blog last week?, Time was being a butt to me, so I didn't get a chance to blog. In other words, I was crazy busy the last couple of weeks and the only thought I had almost everyday was to get home and putz around.

Anywho, while putzing, I ended up watching some episodes of the TV show The Middle. I bought the first season on DVD, as a trial to see if I would like it or not.

The Middle

From Left to Right: Sue (Eden Sher), Mike (Neil Flynn), 

Current Status of the Show: 4 Seasons and still running
Episodes Watched so far: 9 of 24 (for Season 1)
Length of 1 Episode: 22 minutes
Serial or Episodic: So far, it looks episodic with slight references to previous episodes
Genre: Family, Comedy, Slice-of-Life

PERSONAL STANDING (Pre-exposures, thoughts, etc.)
It's a little sad to say, but I don't think I would have ever given this show a chance if Neil Flynn wasn't in it. In my defense, I almost never watch TV these days (my parents always have the TV on to their shows when they're home -- which is pretty whenever I'm home), so I am terribly unaware of anything currently on air (unless somebody tells me about it).

Nobody told me about The Middle. I found out about the show because I was looking up on Neil Flynn on Wikipedia. I loved him in Scrubs, and I wanted to see more of him. When I briefly read the Wikipedia article on The Middle, I decided to give it a shot. According to Wikipedia, The Middle is a well received series, so I figured I'd get some value out of it if I purchased the first season on DVD blindly.

The Middle follows Frances (Frankie) Heck and her family. That's it (how brief is that? ;))! To add a bit of detail: they're a working-class family and we see the various issues of staying together as a family while still making ends meet. We see the show mainly through Frankie's perspective and she narrates her thoughts.

The Heck family watching TV while having their usual dinner.

So far, I can say the show has its funny moments, and relatable moments. I find that each character is believable -- most likely due to their relatable quirks or roles: Frankie is often optimistic to her family while bogged down with lots of familial errands; Mike is stable, often supports Frankie's decisions, and thinks the best way to bond is through sports; Sue tries for school clubs and events with next-to-no success while also trying to fit in at school; Axl is the stereotype of a teenage boy (lazy and sarcastic); Brick has difficulty making friends at school, prefers to read than socialize, and is overall known as being "weird".

I guess the big word here is "relatable". Each episode has some relatable issue (like trying to get noticed, the craziness of Christmas, trying to have some family bonding time, etc.), and then often follows with some kind of slightly ridiculous, but still relatable, event or conclusion (anything I say here would be a spoiler so my mouth is zipped).

In terms of characters, I like everybody... with some dislike for Frankie. I find that she can be a little too forgetful sometimes (due to having to do, like, a million errands at the same time each day -- I'm exaggerating a little here) and a little flaky with being responsible (like if she's in trouble she'll try to give an excuse). I can understand her predicament, but I still don't like that of her.

In terms of acting, it's great. I have no complaints. Neil Flynn does not disappoint here. His delivery is great and everything. Extra props to Eden Sher -- I think she's really great as Sue. I find that she's very genuine and sincere with her character.

Right now, the series doesn't have my sure fire, Yes! I can get behind this 100%. But then again, I've still got 15 more episodes to watch of Season 1. When I get home and feel like having some relaxation time, The Middle does come to mind every now and then.

You know what? I think I'll watch a couple episodes of it right after this blog.

Thanks for reading!! Next week, my weekly blog might be delayed by a couple of days. Just a heads up. Have a good weekend and week! :)


  1. So his name is Neil Flynn. Good to know. I'm jealous of him cause he's so tall. Look how he towers over the rest of the cast?

    Other than that, I've got nothing to say about the show. :)

    1. Yeah, he's an absolute giant. I'd like to see his stand-up comedy one day.

  2. The guy is so tall that, unless the venue is huge, it's more of a sit-down comedy. ha hahahahahahahahah!