Sunday, 23 June 2013

BLOG -- The Joy of Doing "Nothing" #2

Just like my last blog on The Joy of Doing "Nothing", I'm going to take this day and do whatever I want. In all actuality, I just have a lot to do -- work-wise, relaxing-wise, chore-wise -- and won't be able to commit my average 2-4 hours into blogging this week. :(

I worked just a little too much this past week and need that 2-4 hours for something else, either for relaxing, working, or doing chores. My apologies!

I'll just share some music that I have been listening to recently (in case you felt like you came here for nothing):
"Yamaha" by Delta Spirit.
I think I've shared this song before, but I still love it.

"SpiCa -- 39's Giving Day Edition" by Hatsune Miku.
Part of this song is my ringtone now. 
You just know I'm gonna blog about Hatsune Miku one day! :)

"Fireproof" by The National.
I love the chords and the lyrics. 
I could think of a few people where this song would describe them well (not me).

"Pink Rabbits" by The National.
I like the rhythm and lyrics. I don't fully understand the song, but I like it.

"Phoenix Wright - Cornered Acapella" by Smooth McGroove.
This rendition is simply awesome.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

I will have a real blog next week, I promise. :)

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