Sunday, 14 July 2013

BLOG (PERSONAL) -- Me and My Getting Older

Disclaimer: This might be a little random and not interesting. Just saying.

So, it's a few more days before my birthday and I'm excited! ... and not. On the one hand, it's definitely something for me to celebrate (like, "yay, I've survived another year!"). On the other hand, it's signifying me getting older... and I'm getting to the point where getting older just isn't such an awesome feeling. (because of all the wrinkles I know I'm going to get) :(

Overall, Age has never really been a major role in any aspect of my life. It was a major role when I was really young, like 7 or 8, but I won't get into that in this blog entry. The major milestones that many tend to look forward to (legal drinking age, legal driving age, legal whatever age), I didn't really think about. Those years just came and went, hahaha.

But now... darn it, I just feel soooooo old, hahahaha.

When I think about Age these days, I sometimes think about the major milestones that others tend to think about and expect around my age: marriage; moving out; maybe planning for retirement. When I think about those things, I'm not thinking, 'Darn it! Why am I still single and not living on my own? I should be by this point in my life!', I'm thinking, 'I am fine without this.' Maybe I'm a late bloomer (actually, there's no maybe about that!), but I just don't feel like I have to be at a certain point or reach a certain social status... with anything just because of how old I am. I don't mind being single at this age... or still living with my parents (though they do drive me crazy sometimes). I'd rather do whatever -- whenever I'm ready (as long as I'm of legal age -- which I am by now, hahaha).

I guess... what's really getting me down about getting older are (besides my fading youthful appearance) the limitations. Physically, unless I make a point to stay in shape and keep my endurance up, I might get tired faster, and I might walk slower. Mentally (and this is my biggest concern), it might be harder for me to learn new things. That really, really sucks for me since I love learning new things (it's like my secret passion, hahaha).

I don't care too much about my looks going (it's kinda something I'd expect anyway), but I still want to be able to learn new things. Well... I'd probably still try to learn anyway. Knowing me, I'd just say, "Screw you, Age! You won't stop me from learning something new!"

As I get older, I am also scared that I will start forgetting things. I know -- my fears / concerns are coming from the stereotypes of old age. But it still worries me. Memories are very important to me.

I think one nice about getting older, though, is being able to sit back and remember all the nice things that happened in your life up to the present.

You know what? I think that will be my blog for next week (unless something else comes up).

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment, as always. :)

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