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BLOG (PERSONAL) -- Me and My Getting Older (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my last blog, this week I'll be reflecting on my life and noting the good things that happened. This is more of a blog for me, so I don't know if this will be interesting to you. I'm sure I'll forget some things. 

Before I start, two things:

1. One thing I won't mention, but am always grateful for is meeting those who would become my good friends. You know I love you! :)

2. One other thing I won't mention is me and my romantic relationships, because... well... frankly... when I think back to them, I don't consider them all as good things... some were good; some weren't. In all honesty, yeah, I was able to see what kind of things I wouldn't want in a relationship, but I largely now see some of them as Time lost -- Time lost on building and developing my own world (I was often too focused on their world). Does that sound heartless and selfish? Probably, but that's how I see it. So I'm not going to call out the good relationships -- I think that would be horrible.

Okay, here are some good things that happened in my life

Year ???? -- I was born. Hey, I gotta say that's a good thing, don't I?

Year 1994 -- Had the best homeroom teacher ever! She was really good. I was fortunate to have her as my homeroom teacher for two years. We would always have parties at the end of the month. She also had a suggestion box where anybody could write down ideas for class activities or feedback or anything. Then we would have a class meeting and the ideas would be shared and discussed. We also learned about stereotypes and did exercises looking at self-esteem and trust building. I think being exposed to this stuff at such an early age was really good for me. One year we threw a surprise birthday party for her, and it was so awesome.

Year 1995 -- I was lent a series of novels which sparked my desire to become a writer. The novels were the Chronicles of Prydain.

Year 1996 -- Was finally allowed some independence and freedom. I won't go into detail about my overprotective environment and all the mental anguish I had from that.

Year 1998 -- The first time I watched a movie in theatres without any supervision. It was Armageddon. Not bad for a first movie, lol.

Year 1998 -- Had a poem published in a school-wide published book. Yay!!

Year 1998 -- Went on a school trip to Quebec City. It was really cool! We stayed at the Ch√Ęteau Frontenac and I got to have a good time with my friends.

Year 1998 -- Joined a public writing club. I was so nervous about joining, because I was older than the recommended age range, but the supervisor let me in anyway. It was a wonderful experience. I often did a lot of goofy writing when I was there. My sister ended up joining, too. Through the writing club, we got introduced to and attended Scrabble with the Stars one year. We kept going to the writing club, though less frequently as we got older... up until the writing club was replaced with something else *sniffle* ;_; I still have some of those old writings. I wrote a pretty funny Mad Libs-type story there.

Year 2000 -- Had another poem published in the same school-wide published book. Yay!!

Year 2000 -- I joined the school's writing club. I think I wrote one of my best poems ever that year.

Year 2001 -- I joined the school's anime club, which I think largely turned my secret interest in anime into a physically (and vocally) expressed obsession. It's not that major for me anymore, but anime is indeed still a part of me. This also largely got me interested in Japanese culture.

Year 2001 -- Had the best English teacher ever! He was so awesome. I learned so much about genres and story-writing in his classes.

Year 2002 -- Was part of the school's musical revue. My solo was Far From the Home I Love (song from Fiddler on the Roof)

Year 2002 -- Attended an anime convention (either Anime North or CNAnime [now called Fan Expo]) for the first time.

Year 2003 -- Was part of the school's musical. I was part of the chorus, but it was still exciting! We did Once on This Island, a Little Mermaid-like story.

Year 2004 -- I joined another school's anime club. From here, I was invited to help out with some of the events at Anime North and CNAnime / Fan Expo.

Year 2004 -- I owned my first video game console: The PS2 slim. I was so excited.

Year 2005 -- Discovered Atlus USA, one of my favourite video game publishers. I was also exposed to the Megami Tensei series. I think it was the first time I ever experienced a video game series that had multiple endings that largely depended on the player's choices. And being able to recruit demons that largely had nice designs... that's just so cool.

Year 2006 -- Attended Play! A Video Game Symphony when it came to Toronto. I want it to come back!!! D:

Year 2007 -- I was exposed to Glay for the first time... and I was inspired. I am totally blogging about them in the future. I find that I am currently not working as hard as I could be, and I'm going to work on grabbing that back (I am talking about my ambition, and my dream).

Year 2009 (give or take 1 or 2 years) -- Discovered the wonderfulness of Ren'Py, which sparked my interest in creating visual novels.

Year 2010 -- Attended X Japan's concert when they came to Toronto. Wooot!!!

Year 2011 -- Had a second chance at Life. No more details here.

Year 2011 -- Tried life-drawing for the first time.

Year 2011 -- Started blogging here.

Year 2012 -- Attended my first English music concert. It was for The Black Keys. It was cool!

Year 2013 -- I'm still living. I think that's good enough to note.

If you've read to the end, thanks for reading!! Getting older really does suck... but I can see that I have a bunch of lovely memories -- memories that really shaped me into who I am today -- and memories that were plain fun and awesome. Now if I ever forget, I have this blog as a mini-record of those treasured times.

You all have a good week! :)

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