Sunday, 4 May 2014

BLOG -- Pre-Excitement About My Trip to Japan

So there's just about a week left before I fly off to Japan with my sister and my sister's fiance. I. am. so. EXCITED!! :D But... I still have a lot to prepare, hahaha. I still need to buy luggage... a voltage converter... and whatever else.

For this blog, I'm just gonna be listing some of the things I'm hoping to do or experience at Japan. Then when I come back, I'll see how I did with my list. All I hope is that I converted enough money for this trip...

So... I'll be going for 2 weeks. Here are some of the things on my list to experience:

-Dine at the Capcom Bar (I totally want to eat that brain cake!)

-Dine at Artnia, the Square-Enix Cafe (I definitely want to drink Ifrit, eat the chocolate parfait, and eat at least two of the pancake dishes)

-Dine at McDonald's (I gotta see if the taste is different!)

-Dine at Lotteria (this was suggested by a friend)

-Maybe dine at a maid cafe (if my sister and her fiance are okay with it -- just because I want to see what it's like)

-Eat a melon-filled melon bread

-Eat sushi

-Eat ramen

-Eat taiyaki

-Eat takoyaki

-Eat Kit Kat bars in various flavours

-Visit the Ghibli museum

-Visit Tokyo Skytree (if the line is not too long -- this was suggested by a friend)

-Take a picture of the Hachiko statue by Shibuya station (this was suggested by a friend -- the story behind this statue is so heart-wrenching)

-Check out Uniqlo (this was suggested by a friend)

-Check out Mandarake (this was suggested by a friend)

-Explore Akihabara

-Explore Shibuya

-Visit an arcade and play a rhythm game (maybe...)

-Visit a karaoke booth and sing my heart out! (Maybe...)

That's all I have listed so far. Looks like a lot of what I want to experience are food-related, hahaha. I'm sure that when I'm actually there, though, I will have so much I want to do... and not enough time to do them.

Even before going, I am already considering saving up for another trip back to Japan. There are still a few things I want to do and I know I won't be able to do them during this trip. And they are:

1. Take a ride on the life-sized One Piece boat (the attraction is soo far from where we are staying that it's not worth the time [could take over 4 hours just to get there... ><'']) -- I hope it's still there by the time I go back!

2. See the cherry blossoms fall (when we get to Japan, we will just miss the last bloom)

3. If they are still together, I want to attend a Glay concert.

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions of what to check out in Japan, let me know! If it fits with wherever I am and if I have the time, I may check it out.

You all have a loverly time and I will see you all in about three weeks! Let's see how quickly I'll be able to overcome the jet lag... hahaha :)

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