Friday, 31 July 2015

BLOG -- Recap of July

July was a super-busy month for me. The funniest thing was that most of the busy stuff kept falling around my birthday -- meaning any celebrations for my birthday just got kicked to the curb, lol. I haven't even yet taken the time to really celebrate it. And then, with other things happening, celebrations just weren't on my mind at all... though I still had to be all happy sometimes. The craziness of Life, I guess. ><'' 

Outings/Events in July:
- Stayed over at my sister's place x2. 

- Attended my sister's wedding.

- Was an emcee at my sister's wedding reception... alongside the groom's father (who totally stole the show, hahaha. And it was much appreciated!).

- Internally mourned Satoru Iwata's passing. When I think about it, I still get really sad. I didn't share this on Facebook (like I usually do), but I blogged my own quiet good-bye to him. Even though I didn't share it, I noticed a few clicks on the post, so thank you for reading it, whoever you may be.

- Had a gaming day with my sister and friends.

- My birthday came and went.

- Went karaoking by myself. It's been a while, hahaha.

- I blocked two people on PSN for the first time. I didn't realize that blocking also removed the person from your friendslist. No idea if I would eventually add them back on... I was so pissed off at them.

- Just got a new cell phone. I can finally be a bit more with the times! Though I lost some old contacts in the process... *sigh* XP

- Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn achievements / news: 
-I finally unlocked flying in one area. Hahaha... just because I wanted to do a treasure map.
-I got the Twintania mount! Thanks to my friend for staying subscribed for so long.

- (Restaurant) Scaddabush -- This is an Italian restaurant with a specialty in homemade cheese. My reaction to that? *sigh* The food was good, though. Just so cheesy... hahaha.

- (Movie): Circle of Friends -- I watched this for Colin Firth. I remember watching an interview where he mentioned he filmed in Ireland and pointed his moustache at people. I think this was the movie he was talking about. It was a good movie, but darn it -- I hated Colin Firth's character. I love the friendship between Benny and Eve.

- (Movie): Contagion -- This was good! I was kinda expecting to get super paranoid afterwards, but I didn't. I guess that's 'cuz I'm normally very paranoid. I find it kinda realistic, how people would react to an epidemic. 

- (Movie): Before Sunrise -- So this movie has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes... and I just found it okay. I think something's wrong with my mind, lol. To me, I found it a little disjointed. And I didn't really feel the attraction between the characters. That's my opinion though. Since it's got a 100% rating, I know a ton of critics would disagree. 

- (Movie): Before Sunset -- I enjoyed this more than Before Sunrise (it's the sequel). I found the discussions more engaging and thought-provoking. It still felt a little disjointed, but not as much.

- (Movie): Paul -- This was pretty enjoyable. I like that the main characters attended the San Diego Comic Con. I would totally like to go someday.

- (Movie): Femme Fatale -- So I rented this, totally expecting to see Colin Firth in it. Little did I know that there are actually two Femme Fatale movies! There is the one that is more widely known (though I've never seen it till I rented it). And then there is the one with Colin Firth. The Femme Fatale I watched was okay. I really hated the main girl character, though.

- (Movie): A Single Man -- I watched this for Colin Firth -- and then also for Nicholas Hoult once I found out he was in it! I really enjoyed A Single Man. The music was great, and the story, emotion, and ideas -- I really liked it. I really hated the ending, though I could see how some would find it fitting.

- (Movie): The World's End -- My initial reaction was 'This movie is just blah and uninteresting' until after the first half hour. Then everything turned upside down, hahahaha. I don't know if I would watch it again, but it's totally worth watching at least once -- and especially if you watch it not knowing a thing like when I watched it.

- (Anime): Tales of Phantasia: The Animation -- I liked the animation quality. But I was kinda thinking, Tales of Phantasia fans would probably want more than this.

- (PS4): Torën -- This was like a big WTF while I played it. The surreal-ness and symbolism didn't really do much for me unfortunately, and I found it really short.

- (PS4): Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds -Overdrive- -- This game was also pretty short. But it's fun! Especially when playing with others. It's unfortunate that the online multiplayer feature is laggy. Local co-op is sooo smooth. I'd probably play this off and on for the next while.

- (Comic): Kingsman: The Secret Service by Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons, and Matthew Vaughn -- It was a good read, but I personally enjoy the movie more. I've updated my Kingsman movie review with more details about my thoughts (spoiler-free, as usual).

Playing (not all at once):
- (PS3): Borderlands 2   
- (3DS): Bravely Default
- (3DS): Liberation Maiden 
- (3DS): Fantasy Life
- (3DS): Senran Kagura Burst
- (3DS): Pokemon Rumble 
- (GBA): The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition   
- (PSP): Persona 
- (PSP): Crush
- (PSVita): Persona 4 Golden  
- (Wii): Fortune Street 
- (PS2): Atelier Iris 2 
- (PC): UnEpic  
- (PC): King's Bounty: The Legend

- (TV Show): The Walking Dead (Season 5)
- (TV Show): Orphan Black (Season 3)  
- (Anime): Yu Yu Hakusho (don't remember)
- (Anime): Shakugan no Shana (Season 1 -- Episode 19)
- (Anime): Log Horizon (episode 3)
- (Anime): K-On! Season 2 (episode 3)

- Nothing at the time.

That's it for July. Here's a few pics I took this month.

 A pic of me in my dress for my sister's wedding. I think the shades and phone 
do a smashing job of covering my face. I think the dress also 
does a smashing job of covering my figure. Woops! Hahaha x.x

A birthday package sent from a friend in Australia. I tried a bit of that vegemite.
I barely survived.

I got another Rosalina amiibo from a friend for my birthday! It was surprising 
since I totally gave up the idea of ever owning a North American Rosalina amiibo (since the Rosalina amiibo was a Target exclusive and the Targets in Canada 
closed down before it was released). I'm really happy though -- 
it means my friend really knew what I wanted! :)

Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to comment if you have anything to say, and have a good weekend! :)

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