Sunday, 23 August 2015

BLOG -- Pre-Fan Expo Canada 2015 Excitement

Well, Fan Expo Canada is coming up in two weeks. I am both looking forward to it and slightly dreading it. I'm looking forward to it because I often feel more "at home" here than most other places (even though I still tend to keep to myself). I dread it because of all the walking I know I'll be doing while I'm there, hahaha.

Anywho, the schedule for Fan Expo Canada is now available, and I figured I'd blog about it. Looking through it, I already know I won't be able to attend everything I want to attend. Sometimes, I think this is one of the funnest and toughest things for conventions: just figuring out your own itinerary. When you see multiple panels / events running at the same time, just how would you decide which one to attend? If you have to start lining up for a panel but you still want to browse the Dealers room or stay wherever you are, what do you do?

Last year, I focused almost all of my time in the Artists Alley (just throwing my wallet in that general area, hahaha). It wasn't a bad experience, but this year I'm hoping to balance things out and get my butt to more panels.

Events / Panels I'm Hoping to Attend
BUILD A GAMEBOY PLUSHIE -- I'm very bad at crafts, but this just sounds cute.

ANIME ACCORDING TO AMVS -- I'm not really sure what this panel would be about. If it's an hour of showcasing awesome anime music videos (AMVs), I'm all for it.

CALLING ALL GHOST HUNTERS -- Supposedly this would be a panel about learning how to listen to paranormal cues, communicating with spirits with flashlights, and the such. I don't know if I would really want to know this (it might just make me very paranoid -- whether it's truthful stuff or not), but...

CASUAL TAXIDERMY -- I went What the heck?? when I saw this listed. It's listed as part of the Horror convention, but still... who would think of having a panel for this? Hahaha.

PATHOS & PROBABILITY: WRITING ADVENTURE GAMES -- I don't think I can really get through this convention without attending at least one writing-related panel.

HORROR DEBATE: SHOULD ZOMBIES HAVE RIGHTS? -- My sister really wants me to attend this. I'm pretty curious what points would be made on this topic as well.

TAROT CARDS 101 -- A friend once told me that there isn't really a standard way of reading tarot cards -- that you define and interpret the cards the way it speaks to you. Soo... I might actually not attend this one, hahaha. I guess I'll see when the time comes.

CELEBRITY Q&A WITH GILLIAN ANDERSON -- I really enjoyed her Q&A the last time she was at Fan Expo, so I'm definitely attending this. The only downside is I'll probably spend over an hour just waiting in line for this, to make sure I can get in.

Events / Panels I Wish to Attend but Probably Can't
SCARY STORIES -- I'm curious what kind of stories would be told.

ASK THE EMBALMER -- This was another panel that made me go What the heck?? 

HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN TORONTO VIDEO GAME CULTURE -- I almost don't want to attend this, fearful of hearing what I think would be said: be social; make connections. I'm terrible at both things, and I personally don't like / believe in the latter (I don't feel right with it). If I really did hear those, my dream of one day making a video game would be crushed. :'( 

AT LEAST ONE SKETCH DUEL -- I haven't attended a sketch duel in a long time. I totally want to see one this year! Hahaha.

Autographs I'm Hoping to Get
Amazingly, I have no celebrities on my gotta-get-an-autograph-from list. At least not right now. I would think about getting Norman Reedus' autograph and maybe Tom Felton's autograph, but I don't want to imagine the lonnng line-ups for those two. I would also say Gillian Anderson, but I got her autograph the last time she came.

My Shopping List
I think the only retail things I'd get if they're decently priced are the Yakitate!! Japan DVDs (the series finally got licensed -- woot!) and video game artbooks. Other than that, I'll probably still spend most of my money at Artists Alley, particularly checking for anything new from certain artists I bought from in the past (if they're attending this year).

Thanks for reading! To those planning to attend Fan Expo this year, what are you looking forward to? If you see something interesting in the schedule, feel free to suggest it to me. If it doesn't conflict with anything, I may try checking it out. Only thing to keep in mind is that I usually leave the convention latest around 8 PM to go home. Maybe one year I'll indulge myself and actually book a hotel for the convention.

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