Sunday, 25 October 2015

BLOG (PERSONAL) -- My Upcoming Busy Week

Now, I know in my last entry I said that this week should be a non-personal and more general entry. Well... I feel I haven't prepped enough for the blog I had in mind, so a personal entry strikes again! In all honesty, my mind's been thinking a lot and I haven't been able to think of anything to blog about this week, except for what I mentioned above (that I feel isn't yet ready).

So, without going too deep into my soul -- I kinda feel I've been baring that too much lately -- I'll briefly note some things that are happening for me this upcoming week. And again, this entry might not be very interesting to you.

- Meeting up with friends to celebrate their birthdays. This is happening to me twice this week. Initially, I accidentally booked both celebrations on the same day, hahaha... but I quickly realized what I did and fixed it. One thing I was hoping to do for one celebration was watch Attack on Titan (Live-action) - Part 1 in theatres, but it won't happen anymore. Oh well, lol.

- Going clothes-shopping for the upcoming Winter season. This is pretty straightforward. I just wish it was a simple thing for me. Often all I want are plain, one-colour, warm clothes without any fancy designs or patterns. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong shops, but it is soooo hard for me to find clothes like that.

- Going dress-shopping for a friend's upcoming wedding. I wish I could just wear one of my gothic lolita dresses to this. My friend's wedding is coming up in about three weeks, so I don't have much time to find something I like and is cost-effective. If I think 'I could have bought a PSVita / Wii U / PS4 with this money!', the dress is most likely too expensive, haha.

- Meeting a friend's friend for the first time. When my friend told me about him, she said she really wanted to set us up. When she said that I instantly said NO. For me, I don't really believe in dating / being in a romantic relationship without first being friends. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me (maybe I will touch on that another time). But -- and especially since she is vouching for him and says he is a gamer -- I am open to at least meeting him as a friend. I also stressed this multiple times to her friend in case the message didn't get through. If anything, I may make a new gamer friend, which is nice since I don't have too many gamer friends (or just friends in general. But I am fine with that.).

- My Final Fantasy XIV subscription running out. Well, my FFXIV subscription is expiring around the end of this month, and I will let it expire for 1-2 weeks. Even though I've been staying at Part 3 of my new year's resolution involving FFXIV... I... really need to put my focus on other things and other games. My gaming / DVD / manga / novel / music collection isn't going to play / experience itself... and I think I need to be away for a while anyway. FFXIV is NOT my World; it is A PART of my World. Hahaha, there is definitely a distinction there.

And that's it for this week. Thanks for reading! I'll try to get the blog I wanted up next week... if I can find the time between all this to prep for it!

Take care and have a good week! :)

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