Sunday, 18 October 2015

BLOG (PERSONAL) -- Some Silly Things I Used To Do When I Was Young -- Part 1

So every now and then (well -- maybe very often, hahaha) I think back to my past -- how I used to be, what I used to do. Sometimes I smile warmly, thinking 'Ahhhh... I really thought about this back then. I like it, hehehe'. Then other times, I cringe, thinking 'Oh my... I actually did this??!! I can't believe I did this!'

So this entry will be about the latter. It might not be cringe-worthy to you, but when I think about the context, or even just what my mind might have been going through at the time, I can get so embarrassed, hahaha. I'm listing this as Part 1 in case I ever do a Part 2. I guess I should also mention that this may not be interesting to you, since it's... all about me.

-I used to write poetry for my friends. Yes. I did this. Even for my guy friends. They were often silly rhyming poetry, but still... what guy would really want and appreciate poetry from a girl while going through elementary and middle school?! I probably freaked them out or made them uncomfortable, but I didn't think that. I thought I was being a friend, hahaha. Below is an example, if you can stomach it (yes, I keep all my old poetry, even these ones... lol *sigh*):

      [insert guy name], [insert guy name], [insert guy name]!
      Don't stop being nice, because uhhh...
      I'm sorry, [insert guy name], I couldn't find a rhyme,
      But I don't care, if I take a very long time.
      You're worth all the time I have,
      The seconds, the minutes, the days,
      There's too much for me to say.
      Have fun in your life, but I know that you do,
      One kind of fun to me is... you!

Thank goodness I was more selective / considerate of who I wrote poetry to when I reached high school. And... in case the above was your first exposure to my poetry... I've written better! You can check out this older blog entry with what I think is better poetry, lol.

-I used to write letters to anime characters. I don't exactly cringe when I think about this, but this is something I think I've told maybe one person about. I don't even think my sister knew about it, but I could be wrong. I just remember feeling embarrassed, even while writing them. I guess you could say they were like fan letters to certain characters, me expressing my admiration for them. I don't remember when I did this -- either around elementary or middle school. It's possible I wrote those letters because I just didn't have anybody to geek out to at the time. 

I would share an excerpt, but... I can't seem to find them! I'm hoping really hard that I've just hidden the letters somewhere (since I was very embarrassed by them) instead of just throwing them out. My usual nature would be to hold onto my old writings, but I had a phase one year where I went, 'I don't need this'... ><''

And in case you were wondering, I wrote letters to: Polly Esther from Samurai Pizza Cats, Goku from Dragon Ball, Gohan from Dragon Ball Z, and maybe Trunks from Dragon Ball Z.

-I used to give excerpts of my old journal entries to my close guy friends. When I think about this... I... I... what the heck was going through my mind when I did this?!! Now, it's not like I gave these guy friends old journal entries every day. It usually happened if the friend was transferring schools the next year. On his last day, I would include some excerpts with a good-bye letter. Did I do this because I wanted to be remembered? Did I do this because it was my way of saying 'You always have a piece of me -- we'll always be friends'? I... honestly have no idea. 

Now, if you are wondering why I did this for my guy friends and not for my gal friends... well... I was lucky enough that almost all my close gal friends stayed in the same high school. The one close gal friend that transferred schools -- we still kept in contact regularly, so I did not feel I had to give her anything like that.

-I used to jot down topics when phoning my friends. I don't really cringe at this nor feel embarrassed. This is just a weird tidbit that -- hmm -- I don't think anybody knew about this! It's possible that I could still be jotting down topics now if I still had phone conversations. But I don't have phone conversations with anybody anymore. This just tells me that even when I was young I sucked at verbal conversations, hahaha.

That's it for this blog. What sort of silly things did you do when you were young (that you would dare to admit)? ;)

Thanks for reading! Next week's blog should be something non-personal and more general, hopefully. Take care and have a good next week :)

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