Sunday, 8 November 2015

BLOG -- Happy 4th Year...!

So 2 days ago (Nov. 6), it was the 4th anniversary of me with this blogging space! Wooot!! I never posted a 3rd anniversary entry last year since I felt I didn't deserve to celebrate it (I was often way too busy with FFXIV to blog much and I didn't like that). Even though I wasn't very active for the first half this year, I think I've been making up for it, so now I can really say "Kudos to me for still blogging!" Hahaha.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm usually not very good with doing routine tasks. So me still blogging is something I can feel proud of, especially since it's something I enjoy. Even though I don't get to write much these days, I still love it.

So to follow the "tradition" set from the 1st year and 2nd year entries, here are some of the entries I either took extra pride in or deeply enjoyed writing. I am also going to include some entries from last year.

FROM 2014-2015

Kingsmen: Secret Service movie review
I think I did a really good job of expressing my love for this movie (and for Harry Hart, hahahaha ;)).

My marriages in FFXIV
I was pretty worried about sharing my view on marriage, since I don't think it lines up with the "social norm". I'm glad and a bit proud of myself for expressing it in the end.

Favourite quotes/moments from Odin Sphere
Odin Sphere is one of my favourite video games, so I had lots of fun gushing about it!

Fan Expo Canada 2015 blog
I think it'd be a sad day if I ever blogged about Fan Expo, and I didn't enjoy blogging about it!

Kodocha: Sana's Stage manga review
When I think of this blog, I remember all the love I put into it. This series totally needs to get re-licensed and re-printed. Or the anime needs to get re-booted and follow the manga more closely. I think the world needs more stories like this, hahaha.

Some things I'm thankful for blog
I really like that I get to really thank my readers here. :)

FROM 2013-2014

My "Christmas" wishlist
This was really fun to do. I should make an updated wishlist entry in the future -- though Time will always -- always -- be the best gift for me. :)

My blathering on my singledom
I like how I properly expressed what I was going through after my last relationship (please remember that this was written in early 2014, so it doesn't include relationships I may have gotten into afterwards). Being "one with being alone"... I don't think I'm fully there yet... but then again, I view my being single slightly differently now. I don't think being "one with being alone" is a goal for me anymore. Haha, maybe I'll elaborate on this in the future.

My thoughts on time and time travel
I think I did a good job expressing my views on time and time travel. I'm still waiting for my friend to beat some knowledge into me about it, hahaha.

My day without FFXIV
I just really liked spouting about Daigasso! Band Brothers DX. I wish that the 3DS was region-free so I could import Daigasso! Band Brothers P, the next game. I want more random exposures to Japanese music!! lol

Mushi-Shi (First season) anime review
I think I did a really good job here. I often find myself re-reading this entry.

Fan Expo Canada 2014 blog
Umm... read my comment on Fan Expo Canada 2015. This will be kinda my staple blog to call out for these anniversary entries.

ALL my blogs on Japan!
Going to Japan was like a dream come true! 

I still have places to check out, like the Ghibli museum, more video game-themed food places, viewing the sakura falling (yes -- falling. I want to see the sakura falling more than see the sakura in full bloom)... and I'll get my chance next year! Yes, I'm planning to go back to Japan next year <3

Anywho, below are all my blogs covering my trip to Japan in 2014:
-Prelude (plane ride, getting to the hotel, timeline of the whole trip)
-Part 1: Asakusa, Meguro, Odaiba
-Part 2: Akihabara, Ikebukuro 
-Part 3: Shibuya, Shinjuku
-Japan Eats (all the food I ate while there)
-Random Thoughts + Swag / Purchases
-Extra: Some of My Karaokings (check it out if you dare, lol... ;))

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll still be able to stick to my blogging and not get sidetracked for long periods of time like before. 

If you ever would like to suggest something for me to blog about, feel free to let me know! On the right side is a Contact Form box thing that will go straight to my e-mail (it does not get posted on the site or anything). It's been there for a long time, but I keep forgetting to mention it.

Thanks again and have a good rest of the weekend! I'm gonna go celebrate -- by playing video games and watching anime! Hehehe :)

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