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Before I start this blog, I'd like to say "Congrats!" to myself. Including my end-of-month blogs, this is my 200th entry. Woot! Next week I will have another thing to celebrate, haha.


Location: 2899 Steeles Avenue West, North York, Ontario (close to Keele & Steeles) Google Map
Contact #: (416) 667-0867
Type(s) of Cuisine: Japanese, Korean
Specialty (if any): None that I know of
Price Range (for a main dish): Mid-High (Around $10-$20 for lunch sets; California Rolls: $5.95; Dynamite Rolls: $9.95; Salmon Sashimi [3 pieces]: $4.95)
Restaurant Size: Small
Recommend? Yes

Brief Impression
Well, this impression has been long overdue. I've actually visited Genji Sushi multiple times now and my sister even made a custom order with them for her bridal shower. All-in-all, I've been satisfied every time.

The decor is kind of like any other sushi place -- wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden other things -- but it is nice and has an elegant touch.

From what I've tried, the food is very yummy! The adjectives that often pop in my mind are: light, fresh, smooth, yummy (of course, lol). Often when I visit I order their maki so I can't comment on their other items like u-don, donburi, teriyakis, etc. One of my favourite items is their kani salad (crab salad).

There is no question I would visit them again. I kinda wish they were situated more downtown since then I'd be able to go more often.

(Some of) What I Ate / Drank ...
Kani Salad -- I love this dish! It is so smooth and delicious. This is one of my staple orders when I visit.
Salmon Sushi Pizza -- This was really good!
Dynamite Roll -- This was really good, too!

Kani salad. This is sooo yummy! The serving size is a bit too much 
for me, though, so I always have to share it when I get it.


Location: 609 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario (close to Bathurst & King St. W.) Google Map
Contact #: (416) 703-7775
Type(s) of Cuisine: Hot dogs and fries
Specialty (if any): Sausages; Duck fat fries
Price Range (for a main dish): Low-Mid -- ($6.50-$9 for the sausage; $3.5-$8 for the fries)
Restaurant Size: Small
Recommend? Yes

Brief Impression
WVRST has a communal / cafeteria-like atmosphere. Most of the dining area is made up of long rows of tables and benches. There are also a few separate tables, but I think they are mainly used for reservations (somebody please correct me if I am wrong). When you come in, you don't get seated -- you can pretty much sit anywhere that has an open spot.

When I first entered the place, two employees handed me a menu and explained how to order (I told them it was my first time there). When you know what you want, you go to the cashier and make your order. You also pay there. Then you are given a number and your food will be brought to you. There is also a bar area if you wanted to order any booze.

While I'm not a big fan of a communal atmosphere (you know -- because I'm shy and don't meet people very well), I do like that I can sit wherever I want. Even after sitting down, I can move to another spot if I wanted to. That also means, though, that if you come in with a group, somebody should stay sitting while the rest orders food so nobody swoops in and commandeers your spot.

Food-wise, WVRST pretty much offers sausages, fries, a few sides, and ice cream. It doesn't seem like much but there are many varieties for the sausages, and there are a lot of dipping sauces to go with the fries. I have no comments on the bar area, but according to their website, they seem to offer a variety of ciders and craft beers.

I have to say that there is some noise level. Unless I'm going deaf, I found it difficult to have a conversation at my regular volume.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at WVRST and would totally go back.

What I Ate / Drank... 
Danger Dog with Currywvrst -- I think this is a standard beef sausage wrapped in bacon. The currywvrst is some piece of bread with tomato curry sauce. The sausage was okay. I really liked the bacon and curry sauce.
Duck Fat Fries -- I honestly don't know how to compare this to regular fries. It kinda tastes like regular fries, but with some added smoothness and saltiness. I can say that I really enjoyed it. I ordered it with honey dill sauce, which was an interesting flavour.

The Danger Dog with Currywvrst. I was kind of expecting this to be a 
hot dog, but I guess this is how it's presented with Currywvrst. 
I really enjoyed the tomato curry sauce.

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or want to know more about anything, feel free! :)

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