Sunday, 6 December 2015

BLOG -- Using My Joy of Doing Nothing Cards

So I sense that things are going to get much busier for me for pretty much the rest of this month. I still have a bunch of New Year's Resolutions to try completing. So... I'm going to use one of my "Joy of doing nothing" cards today, and just relax (or try to anyway). But... just so you didn't check this entry for nothing, here is something cheesy (and a bit embarrassing) from me:

I've mentioned in an earlier blog that back when I was in high school, a friend and I were really into Dragon Ball Z -- so much to the point where we claimed a "boyfriend". My friend and I were both single at the time so it was all fun and jokes. 

I wanted to claim Trunks -- he just seemed so mature and responsible! -- but my friend claimed him first and then looked at me playfully and asked something along the lines of "You weren't going to say him, too, were you?" Immediately I said "No", and thought very quickly 'uh oh, who do I choose now?? Goku is too obvious a choice and he's already got Chi-Chi...' and so I said Gohan. At the time, I knew nothing about Gohan as a teen, but when I did, I thought, 'nice, I lucked out!' Smart and weird? Just my type, hahaha. I'd often call him my "hunky monkey", lol.

I also didn't know anything about Videl at the time, but when I did, I didn't mind "playing as her". By "playing as her", I mean I started going to school with my hair in low pigtails (I usually either had my hair in a ponytail or down). I don't think I ever really cosplayed as her... hmm... (maybe I should?)

Anywho, one day I decided to write a poem to Gohan as Videl. I have no idea why. I actually didn't remember I did this until I found the poem weeks ago -- written on some cute stationery paper. When I found it, I thought 'wow. I did some serious role-playing back then... at least enough to write this poem! O_O'

So here it is! Feel free to laugh if you like. I wouldn't say it's my best work, but I do like its simplicity, and -- I don't know -- it feels cute to me, hahaha. You may take to it differently, though. :)

*To Gohan-kun* (written on Thursday December 27, 2001)
I never would have thought
You'd be the one
Who'd change my life
You were just a new student
A dweeby nerdy nobody
Until you stepped into my world

I never would have thought
You'd be the one
Who'd show me beauty
You were nothing special
A weirdo I could have ignored
Until we became friends

I never would have thought
You'd be the one
Who'd save my life
The battles were constant and hard
I could have lost it all
Until you offered me your strength

I never would have thought
You'd be the one
Who'd teach me how to fly
I've only fluttered from dream to dream
I've never soared past my mind
Until now

I never would have thought
You'd be the one
I'd love with all my heart

-From Videl~~

Okay, that's it for this blog. If you read this, thank you for reading! Next week should hopefully be a "fuller" blog. Have a good rest of the weekend and take care :)

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