Sunday, 6 March 2016

BLOG -- My Upcoming Days

So... this will be a short entry. Something really awesome happened to me recently and I sooo want to talk about it, but I have to keep it secret right now. I have to make doubly sure it's happening before I share it here. In my mind, I'm just thinking, 'It better be happening!!' It's... probably not whatever you may be thinking about (although it does make me curious what you could be thinking of regarding my secret). So, I'll talk a bit about my upcoming days instead.

Well... I have some vacation days coming up, whee!!~~ The last time I had vacation was mid-November last year, and I mainly stayed at home and played video games. I know there will also be some of that this time, but I'm also hoping to get out a bit more since the weather's kinda getting warmer.

Some things I'm hoping to do:
-Go Karaoking (I'm hoping I'll be able to do this the day before my vacation starts -- fingers crossed!)

-Visit J-Town (I kinda always try to do this if I have multiple vacation days. It's a small place, but I like buying stuff from there, especially the pastries and taiyaki if they have them out)

-Go shopping (considering that only 1% of my spending was on clothes for two years in a row... umm... I really need to update my wardrobe, hahaha... hopefully there will be styles I like [I'm very picky!])

-Do another room escape (this has already been kinda planned so hopefully it will happen)

-Try some new food places / foods (maybe I can do this the same day I go out shopping... hmmm... lol)

-Go through more of my media collection (this is kinda a given, but I'll mention it again. I'm especially hoping to go through more of my manga / graphic novel / book collection)

Normally I would also include "watch a movie in theatres", but I'll be trying that before my vacation starts. 

And that's it for this blog. Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions of what I could do during my vacation, feel free to let me know. No promises if I will do it, though.

Hopefully my thing will be happening so I can talk about it next week, hahahaha.

Take care and have a good rest of the weekend! :)

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