Sunday, 27 March 2016

BLOG -- No Blog Today!

Well... my mind's been really pre-occupied this week, so... sorry, no blog from me. There's a good chance that I will probably be pre-occupied from now until I'm off on my trip to Japan, so... sorry, my blogging may get sporadic again. I'll try not to do that, but saying it as a possible heads up.

My subscription to Final Fantasy XIV has ended today as well, and I am pretty bummed about it. I won't renew until I'm back from Japan so it'll be about 2 months. I did the same thing the last time I went to Japan, staying unsubscribed until I came back. It is interesting to think that 2 months away in real life and 2 months away in-game kinda feel different, even though the length is exactly the same.

But, well, I'll need the time to plan. In all honesty I feel a little overwhelmed right now, just thinking of all the things I need to double-check, buy, prepare, confirm, etc. Ahh, will things be okay?? Will the trip go well?? Will I be prepared for most (hopefully all) situations? 

Anyway... haha... I'll set all those thoughts aside... at least for today, and just enjoy the rest of my night. Then tomorrow I'll make a list of everything I'll need to do, and then get started.

If you came by, thanks for reading! :) Happy Easter for those who celebrate Easter.

Take care and see you all again soon.

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