Tuesday, 31 May 2016

BLOG -- Recap of May

The end of May came really quickly. It took me about two weeks to adjust back to the Toronto timezone so I've been pretty out of it. All I keep thinking is that I want to be back there... among other things, lol.

Outings/Events in May:
- Was still in Japan (blogs will be coming out sometime in June!).

- Attended the Hatsune Miku concert in Toronto, and the short film festival the next day.

- Stayed over at my sister's place x1.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn achievements / news: 
-I re-subscribed... that's about it right now.

- (Food): Chocolate Whoopie Pie Donut -- This was a new limited donut at Tim Hortons (during one of the rare times I was actually there). This was really sweet and yummy.

- (Food): Raspberry Truffle Donut -- This was another new limited donut at Tim Hortons. At first it tasted like any regular donut -- and then I bit into the filling -- and I thought 'Oh! I wasn't expecting any filling!'. I'd like to try it again, lol. 

- (Movie): Captain America: Civil War -- I have mixed personal feelings about this movie... but it's very good. Funny enough... I actually watched Civil War today (weeks, weeks after its release). It was nice to still see a lot of people in the theatre.

- (Movie): Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon -- A little less torturous than the second movie, but oh my -- what a long movie. I started playing Miitomo halfway through, because I figured that the second half would be full of action scenes. I was kinda right, lol.

- (Movie): Chicago -- I'm glad I watched this for free on the plane. I do not like any of the main characters, so I didn't really like this movie. The only song I enjoyed was Cell Block Tango.

- (Movie): Hitman: Agent 47 -- I guess it's crazy to say, but I thought this movie was okay -- a bit better than the original version. I would have liked a bit more emotion on 47, though.

- (Movie): The 5th Wave -- I was expecting a lot of sappy romance due to the trailer, but thankfully there weren't too many moments. This movie was just okay.

- (Movie): Beautiful Creatures -- From movie posters, I had no idea what kind of movie this would be. It was pretty decent. I think there was some nice dialogue between characters.

- (Movie): Terminator: Genisys -- I'm glad I don't watch many movie trailers, so I was able to react to everything genuinely.

- (Movie): The Purge -- This was... ugh.

- (Anime): Ef - A Tale of Memories -- It's nicely done, but I found it to be a bit too artsy sometimes. Plus I really didn't like a couple of the characters. The only two I was cheering for was Chihiro and Renji.

- Nothing this month.

- (Manga): Prophecy by Tetsuya Tsutsui -- The first volume bored me very much. I think this is my second time getting bored from reading manga. It started picking up halfway through the series. Thank goodness it was only three volumes long.

Playing (not all at once):
- (PS4): Dragon Ball Xenoverse
- (PS4): J-Stars Victory Vs+
- (PS4): Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below  
- (PS3): Borderlands 2
- (3DS): Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure
- (3DS): Fantasy Life
- (3DS): Shantae
- (GBA): The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition   
- (PSP): Persona 
- (PSP): Crush
- (PSP): Corpse Party
- (PSVita): Persona 4 Golden
- (Wii): Fortune Street 
- (PS2): Atelier Iris 2 
- (PC): UnEpic  
- (PC): King's Bounty: The Legend
- (Mobile): Dragon Quest II

- (TV Show): The Walking Dead (Season 5)
- (TV Show): Orphan Black (Season 3)
- (TV Show): Criminal Minds (Season 10)
- (TV Show): Six Feet Under (Season 1 - Episode 3)  
- (Anime): Yu Yu Hakusho (don't remember)
- (Anime): Log Horizon (episode 3)
- (Anime): K-On! Season 2 (episode 3)

- (Manga): Elemental Gelade by Mayumi Azuma (Volume 5) 

That's it for May. Here are a couple pics I took this month plus a YouTube movie review I found amusing.

 This is the raspberry truffle donut from Tim Horton's. 
Mmmm, I wanna eat it again, lol.

My sister bought this recently. Do you remember Trix? 
I honestly don't remember eating it back then, but I'm sure I did.

Jeremy Jahns' review of the 5th Wave. I don't know why, 
but I find this pretty entertaining and funny.

Thanks for reading! As usual, if you have any questions / comments about anything, feel free. :)

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