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Well, this is the last entry related to my trip to Japan. I really took my time this time writing about it all. Honestly, before I even started I felt very overwhelmed, thinking, Can I really cover almost three weeks of my time in Japan and do it properly? How much writing would that be? How much time would that take? But now it's all done and I now have a written record of my trip. Yayyy! 

In this blog, I'm going to list any miscellaneous thoughts or observations I had while in Japan, at least around Nagoya and Tokyo. Then we'll go into my swag / purchases. That section will be sorta photo-heavy. If you want to jump straight to that section, do a search for "swag/purchases" (make sure there are no spaces between the "/"), though you might not need to since there aren't too many new thoughts / observations this time compared to my first trip.

I should note that some items I bought aren't shown here, since they were gifts. Annnd some items that are shown I don't have anymore, since they were given away as gifts, and I'm too lazy to do re-takes. I'll mention in the captions what I don't have anymore, lol.

If you wanna read my first entry to see what thoughts / observations I had about Japan two years ago, go here.


Lines are just part of the everyday. This time, I experienced so many line-ups for things. And for me, I'm actually used to lines due to attending anime / fan conventions for the past 10+ years. But wow. The lines at the Sailor Moon Exhibition (to get into the exhibition, to get into the gift shop, to get into the themed cafe) nearly drove me nuts, lol... especially because it happened all in one day. So... If you want to try out the latest and newest thing or you happen to be a fan of something major (like Sailor Moon or One Piece or Snoopy, lol), prepare for potential long lines. Bring a book or a DS (if you have one) or something to keep your attention.

- Affordable history / cultural museums. I think this really says something about how Japan values its culture and history. From what I experienced, the most I paid for admission was 600 yen. I think due to the low cost, it encourages the public to actually visit these places. I was generally awed to see children (with a relative) and even young teens and their friends at these museums. I think it's really nice.

- Can't get that figure from a crane game? There's a shop for that. So in Akihabara, there are a couple shops that sell only prizes from crane games. They probably only stock the current stuff and it seems to stock mainly figures or popular items. This is a nice alternative if you figure it would be cheaper to buy the figure straight out instead of trying to get it from the crane game. Some of the figures do have decent prices, too. My tonberry lamp was in the shop for 3200 yen. 

- Remaining plays in a crane game can be moved to another game. So if you are playing a crane game and got your desired item and you still have plays left, you could ask a staff member to move your remaining plays to another game. You most likely need to know some Japanese for this. I was lucky a staff member asked me this minutes after I got my Tonberry lamp. I had 4 plays remaining and walked away from the machine, thinking those plays were lost.

- Fashion: no leggings on women. At least from my observations, I didn't see any women wearing leggings. They either wore pants, long skirts, or showed off their legs with shorts or knee-high skirts. That's how I figured I stuck out while wandering around anywhere. Even when I was wearing a skirt I would be wearing leggings.


Clothes that I got from WEGO. I had such difficulty 
finding plain-style pleated skirts.

More clothes from WEGO. I love that corset-looking top.

Things I bought from Daiso (100-yen shop). I got long earbuds, screwdriver set, 
a sandwich box, and spoon-fork-chopstick set. The set is in case 
I buy take-out and utensils aren't included.

More things from Daiso (100-yen shop). Two empty containers (to 
bring home souvenirs), a mini chair, and a tie. A tie for 100 yen! 
The pattern is quite decent, too, lol.

Some glow-in-the-dark mushroom magnet from The Loft. There are 
different designs and it's random which design you get.

Kirby wallets I got from the crane games. One was given away.

My tonberry lamp from the crane games! I haven't tried it out 
yet since it uses batteries and I don't remember which kind.

CDs I got from Super Retro Potato-kan. Graduation drama CD, and Xenoblade OST.

More CDs from Super Retro Potato-kan. Persona 2: Innocent Sin 
Mini soundtrack + special soundtrack, Megaten World (compilation).

 CDs from Book-Off. Janne da Arc's Joker CD and Steins; Gate OST. I don't 
normally gush about Janne da Arc, but I've liked their music for a 
long time (since high school). I love how varied it is. I also love their look, lol. 
The way the vocalist dresses in this video -- omg, sooo hot and perfect, lol <3. 
I wish their hiatus would end.

More CDs from Book-Off. Both are CDs from Ellegarden, a band I discovered 
during my Daigasso Band Brothers EX-playing days.

The CDs I got from Mandarake. The opening single for Baccano! plus the 
two CD bundles that were 100 yen each bundle.

Stuff I got from the Capcom Cafe gift shop. Starting from the top left and going down: 
Rockman E drink, First Aid deodorant, Leon strap, Resident Evil-themed green curry,
 Street Fighter-themed curry, T-Virus perfume, memo pads, 
Resident Evil-themed masking tape. 
The curries and the T-virus perfume were gifts.

A closer shot of the T-Virus perfume.

A Monster Hunter keychain (that will be given soon), and two Miles Edgeworth straps. 
One of those straps is mine, lol.

A Conan-themed knapsack and a free poster from the Conan pop-up shop. 
I received the poster for spending over 2000 yen.

More stuff from the Conan pop-up shop. A free promotional sticker, a postcard, 
colour trick tea packets (butterfly pea-flavoured), film reel chocolate crunch candy, 
a pretty pen (or was it a pencil?). I don't have the tea packets nor the pen. 
There were tons of postcard designs at the shop. The one I bought was 
the most romantic. I was pleasantly surprised to see many guys taking that postcard. :)

The chocolate crunch candy. It was good. I ended up eating it in 
Japan to use the container for other souvenirs, lol... ^^'

Stuff I got from the Sailor Moon Exhibition shop. From the top left to the bottom: 
three postcards, a clear folder file, a canvas bag, and two keychains. 
Out of everything here, I only have the canvas bag, lol.

Three gachapons. I wonder what they could

And this is what they are! Panties for beverage bottles! Lol... I only got these 
because a friend sent me a pic of them before my trip. I just found it hilarious 
to actually find them. If you're curious, you can buy them here. When I was buying them, 
there were kids around me looking at the other gachapon machines. 
Their parents promptly moved them away from me... LOL. :P

My Sakura Pepsi bottle sporting the pink panty. It was really difficult 
getting the panty over the bottle.

Some One Piece things I got from the gift shop in Laguna Ten Bosch. 
Trafalgar Law chocolate pastries, a mini puzzle, a frame for the puzzle, 
a random button, a pressed coin with a print of Luffy. I don't have the button.

These were good. Just like with the Conan film reel, I ate this to use 
the container for other souvenirs.

More One Piece stuff from the gift shop in Laguna Ten Bosch. 
A face towel with Ace on it, a mini Law hat, an Ace-themed scrunchy.

 And more... lol. A canvas bag, a free towel for spending over... 2000 yen?, 
an Ace bracelet. Well, the bracelet is close enough, lol.

One Piece stuff from the Tokyo Tower gift shop. From top left to right: a canvas bag, 
an Ace-themed notebook, nice pictures of Sanji and Ace, a postcard collection of 
the first 66 manga covers, Ace gummies, free pics of Luffy and Zoro, 
masking tape, random pendant thing, three "shopping cards" 
(will explain two pics below), Luffy and Ace medals with necklace and keychain chains. 
I don't have the Luffy medal nor the random pendant thing.

A close-up of Sanji and Ace. They are so cool, lol.

A close-up of the Ace gummies (spicy!), and the pics of Luffy and Zoro. 
I got them from filling out their respective "shopping card". 

At the store, they have a shopping card system where every 500 yen spent gets you a stamp on a character card. When you get 10 stamps (i.e. have spent 5000 yen), you get a pic of the character. The first character to fill out is always Luffy, and it goes in a specific order. And... there are 10 character cards in total... meaning if you wanted to get all 10 pics you will have to spend a total of 50000 yen (over 500 CAD). Crazy! Lol -- though it is definitely do-able for those living in Japan. I'm currently on the third character card, which is Nami's.

Another shot of the medals.

For an extra 100 yen (50 each medal) I was able to get the medals engraved. 
The message on Luffy's was "Happy birthday!" (it was a birthday gift). 
The message on Ace's was... "With my love". Lol... 
Ace's story and actions really did touch me a lot. ^^'

A t-shirt with Ace on it. I really like the message: "Start living before you start dying". 
I'm pretty sure this t-shirt is too large for me, lol. 

Cost of Swag / Purchases (in Yen) (NOT counting what I gave to friends)
WEGO: 10550
Daiso: 810
The Loft: 300
Kirby wallets (from the crane game): 1000
Tonberry lamp (from the crane game): 2500 (I'd say this is a decent price for my lamp. It's definitely cheaper than this, at least. But search around if you want this but can't travel to Japan to get it)
Super Retro Potato-kan: 3200
Book-Off: 2900
Mandarake: 648
Capcom Cafe Gift shop: 3850 (this would be much higher [T-virus perfume itself costed 4200], but many of these items went to friends)
Conan Pop-up shop: 9050
Sailor Moon gift shop: 1944 (ditto here. Many of these items went to friends)
Gachapons: 600
One Piece gift shops (at Laguna Ten Bosch): 9150
One Piece gift shop (at Tokyo Tower): 12414
Animate (Villager amiibo): 1200 (I have no pic of this because it was originally a gift that I decided to keep for myself, lol...)
Lawson (3000 yen PSN card): 3000 (I have no pic of this because... I can't say right now, lol)

Grand Total (excluding gifts for friends): 63116 yen

And that's it! My Japan blogs are done!

Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me through my wordy adventures. Next time I go, hopefully, hopefully I'll be able to catch the cherry blossom petals falling. Also I'd like to go to the Ghibli museum. And... I want to try attending a live concert for my favourite band!! Please let them still be together by then *fingers crossed!*

Thank you again and take care! :)

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