Sunday, 23 October 2016

BLOG -- Initial Impressions / Questions on the Nintendo Switch Video

So a few days ago I checked out the "First Look at Nintendo Switch" video. I'm sure millions of people have already shared their thoughts on it by now... but I will still add my own, lol. Please note that I haven't actively looked for any new information on the Nintendo Switch, nor on any information on the Nintendo NX (what it used to be called), so if any of my wonderings have already been addressed, I apologize. For those who haven't yet watched the video, you can take a look below:

First Look at Nintendo Switch.

My Initial Impressions
Well -- my overall impression is: It looks very sleek and very cool. Again Nintendo seems to be pushing towards innovation, and I can always appreciate them taking that leap. I think trying new things is often risky, so kudos! :)

I like the idea of the Nintendo Switch being a home AND portable console. It would satisfy both home-gaming and portable-gaming audiences (for those who may only play at home or those who only play on-the-go). I personally do both, so it is great that I will only need to buy one machine instead of two. This could also be great for developers if it means only needing to buy one development kit -- and having their games possibly reach a larger audience.

I know this is kinda old news, but I totally appreciate it being released in March. It just means I can wait in line overnight in a less freezing weather... lol. I don't know if I would really stand in line overnight for the Nintendo Switch (I did for the Wii), but just saying. 

I am not sure if I would get this at launch, since I still have sooooo many games on backlog and sooo many consoles already hooked up to my TV (two PS2s, PS3, PS4, Wii -- my Xbox360 is in a box in my room), but the Nintendo Switch does get me excited. Maybe I will just need to become more of a hermit and plow through more of my games so I can clear up a console spot by the time March comes around.

My Questions
Now that I've covered my initial impressions... it's time for my questions! Supposedly Nintendo won't share any info on the specs until 2017, so these will be in my head until then.

-Is home playing a single player experience only? This might be silly to wonder, but I noticed in the video that only one person would be playing when at home. That is personally fine with me since I often play alone at home, but if I was to ever invite somebody over, I'd probably end up wanting to play a game with the person (nothing beats playing video games together, lol! <3).

-Does portable gaming allow up to two players max for multiplayer? Again this is something that I observed from the video and it made me wonder.

-How long is the battery life? Being a home console that can also be a portable console, the battery life better be long! Haha. Would it last 11+ hours on a one-way flight to Japan? It would be awesome if it ran on batteries and was also solar powered or some other form of energy.

-Will the controllers be battery powered? I guess it's a minor thing, but I personally like controllers that do not require batteries. Just imagine you are at an epic boss battle and it's been hours since your last save. Then the controller dies and the boss then proceeds to wipe the floor with you.

-Is there region-locking? This is a major thing for me, as I've mentioned in an entry long, long ago. Some games I like (Daigasso! Band Brothers, Ouendan, iDOLM@STER, etc.) just don't get released here so if I can experience those games without having to import another console it would be great.

-Is there backwards compatibility? My friends had already told me that backwards compatibility was not possible back when this was called Nintendo NX. After watching the video, I believe them. I think the question is still here because I don't know if news about the Nintendo NX is to be applied to the Nintendo Switch.

Annd that's it for this blog! What were your impressions of the Nintendo Switch video? Do you have any burning questions that you hope will get answered in 2017? Feel free to comment whatever you think, lol. :)

Thanks for reading! Have a good rest of the week :)

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