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BLOG -- My Movie-Watching History (in Theatres) [2016]

Here is my movie-watching (in theatres) history for 2016. I watched a few more than I did last year, but still not as many as I'd like. 

Movie showtimes is still a major factor, but now it is also the different formats / admissions. I do my best to avoid the fancier formats / admissions (3D, AVX, VIP, 4D, etc.) because they can be so costly sometimes. Also, most times I feel the fancier formats don't really enhance the experience that much.  

Now... even though I've covered these throughout the year in my end-of-month blogs, here are all the movies I've watched in theatres for 2016, with additional commentary for most, if not for all.

Since I will be mentioning a good number of movies in this blog, some of them will contain spoilers. Any movie that will contain a spoiler will be marked.


MOVIE: Deadpool 
DATE: February 16, 2016 
RATING (OUT OF 5): ****

COMMENTS: It was really funny and gritty. Some of the humour didn't really hit me, though. I really have no care for scenes that are there just to be funny. I really liked the love story.


MOVIE: Eddie the Eagle 
DATE: March 8, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ****

COMMENTS: I liked the overall feel-goodness of the movie. It was pretty neat to see from a ski jumper's perspective when going down the slope. I also really liked what Matti said to Eddie before the last big jump (though I don't remember what was said).


DATE: March 29, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ****

COMMENTS: It was very cute, fun, funny, and serious. Nick and Judy were awesome characters. I especially loved the scene where they reconciled. And of course the scene with the sloths.


MOVIE: Batman V Superman [SPOILER]
DATE: April 2, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ***

COMMENTS: It was cool to see Batman and Superman squaring off at each other. I didn't think the motivations were really there, though, especially for Superman. The pacing could have done with some work, and please stop blasting Wonder Woman's theme at the weirdest times. It's a cool theme, but it's played at such inopportune times sometimes.


MOVIE: Captain America: Civil War [SPOILER]
DATE: June 31, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ***

COMMENTS: This was good, but so hard to watch sometimes. I mean, I love Iron Man so much... and I couldn't side with him >_<. It was really hard to watch him and Captain America fighting. The fight scenes were cool, but at the same time I was thinking, You're friends... stop hurting each other! :(

Lol, I'm such a dork.


MOVIE: Now You See Me 2 
DATE: June 21, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ***

COMMENTS: Not as good as the first movie, but still pretty enjoyable. I personally like Henley more than Lula, but I do like Lula's morbid sense of humour. Lula's just... way too loud sometimes for me to get behind her 100%. Dave Franco was great as usual. I really need to see him in more stuff. The card-flying scene was really cool.


MOVIE: Finding Dory 
DATE: July 19, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ****

COMMENTS: This was very good. There was one scene where I was just bawling, it affected me so much. It makes me think back to something that was said at a story-building workshop: "one of the most relatable themes in a story is family; because you either have one -- or you want one."


MOVIE: Swiss Army Man [SPOILER]
DATE: July 26, 2016
DATE: August 5, 2016
DATE: August 7, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): *****

COMMENTS: It was so weird... but also funny, thought-provoking, light, and sweet. Being in a place where you're really free and judgments can't reach you must be really nice. That kiss was also very, very sweet.

You can read my spoilery thoughts on the movie here:

And here is another Swiss Army Man-related entry:


MOVIE: Suicide Squad 
DATE: September 6, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ***

COMMENTS: I wanted to see more of Harley Quinn and Joker. Everything else was just okay. It needed more character development from many of the characters.


MOVIE: Inside Out 
DATE: October 22, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ****

COMMENTS: It was an interesting look into how emotions could work in the mind. I liked Sadness the most out of the emotion characters. The Lava short that was attached to this movie was so sweet.


MOVIE: Doctor Strange [SPOILER]
DATE: November 11, 2016
RATING (OUT OF 5): ****

COMMENTS: He's no Iron Man, lol. It's a good movie, but I didn't really like Strange all that much as a character. I can respect his ethics on studying and gaining knowledge, but the human side of him -- we saw glimpses of that in the second half, but I needed to see more. Strange's love interest was a nice character.

Movies I wanted to watch in theatres but missed:
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Creatures
Fantastic Beasts
The Neon Demon
10 Cloverfield Lane
X-Men: Apocalypse

That's it for this blog. Thanks for reading! If you have any comments about anything (even if you greatly disagree with anything I've said, or if this made you think about the movies you've watched and want to share), feel free to comment! :)

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