Sunday, 14 October 2012

BLOG (PERSONAL) -- Brief Reflection

*Sigh* These days, I've been feeling a little down. I'll bet the weather has a lot to do with it (yeah, I tend to blame the weather for my crappy moods). I'm not completely sure why I feel down. I just feel like something's not right... like something's missing... hmmm... or maybe the feelings I felt around this time last year are affecting me. That happens to me sometimes, since I tend to have a very good memory.

*Sigh* With me feeling down like this, I kinda want to go back to my bed and just lie there and contemplate. But I know that I have things to do today.

I'll bet that's part of it, too. Not having enough time to just sit / lie around and do nothing.

Arg... I should write a collection of my thoughts, and sort them out.

Sorry about this downer blog. I am human after all -- can't be smiley happy-happy all the time.

As an apology, here's a Youtube video of a bright, cheery song I'm currently into:

kz -- Yellow (From Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Extended)
I wanna learn this dance!

I hope I get out of this rut soon -- don't wanna continuously spread negativity around. :/

Anywho, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a good week! :)

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