Sunday, 20 January 2013

BLOG -- Funny Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Moments / Memories

So I've been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 almost everyday since buying it. And through it all, I sometimes run into funny moments that I just want to share. Since not too many people I know play the game, I rarely get that chance. So I'm going to list them here. If I run into more funny moments, I'll add them to this entry. 

This blog will assume that you've played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or are familiar with the maps, weapons, scorestreaks, etc. I won't explain in detail what things are, unless for my own benefit (when I read this years from now).

How I play: I am usually a sniper; sometimes a gunner. I often play splitscreen with my sister who alternates between a gunner and a knifer. 

Unless mentioned, all these moments will come from us playing Team Deathmatch. And if I'm referring to a single opponent, I'm assuming it's a guy.

Map: Express (map with the two bridges, blue box, and train)
- I sniped the same player 7 times in a row... in the same spot. I didn't have to move at all. It was almost like getting free shots... lol.

- When I had enough scorestreak to get a Guardian (a device that sends out waves in one direction that would distort the enemy's vision and eventually kill him if he stays in the waves for long enough), I set it down on one edge of the bridge (facing the outside stairs). Immediately after I was killed by somebody on the opposite end of the bridge (where the Guardian was NOT facing).

Upon respawning, I ran back to my Guardian, assuming that it was being attacked by that same guy who killed me. As I was running, though, I was getting Suppress points, telling me that somebody was in my Guardian's waves. Then I got a Suppress kill. Then I got more Suppress points and kills. In my head, I was thinking, What's happening? That guy didn't destroy my Guardian?

When I finally got to the bridge with my Guardian, I saw some enemy player facing the Guardian head on, trying to knife it (you can't damage a Guardian with knife attacks). The guy died, of course, and dropped a Scavenger bag (I had the Scavenger perk on -- a perk that refills your gun's ammo and makes the enemy drop a loot bag to replenish your tacticals and lethals every time you kill somebody in a non-explosive manner). 

I went past my Guardian and at the bottom of the stairs were dead bodies piled on top of each other, with a pile of Scavenger bags. It was a most hilarious sight.

- Around when my sister and I first started playing, we decided to camp out at one of the bridges. We would lay down, our backs to each other, and aim at opposite entrances to the bridge. So any enemy trying to run through that bridge would be shot.

It worked very well in the beginning. Then the enemy got angry. 3 or 4 of them showed up at once and took out my sister while somebody else sent an RC-XD to us, just to make sure we were destroyed.

Map: Standoff (with the four snipey buildings)
- My sister and I played a match where it was largely made up of snipers. It was such a funny and fun match. Every few seconds, we heard our teammates yell out "SNIPER!" or "SNIPER GET DOWN!" or "Sniper down" (the third phrase meaning that our teammates took out an enemy sniper).

There was one instance where my sniper rifle was aimed at one of the windows and I saw three enemies in shrouds. Two were crouched and one was standing. They all looked exactly alike. In my head, I was thinking, What is this? Magic Eye? (those books where you see the same pattern and there's supposed to be some other image as well)

They were all sniped, of course (by me).

- I was at my favourite house, on the roof, crouched in my favourite corner (it's the house with the gates). All of a sudden, an enemy came out onto the roof and backed up into the same corner (i.e. he was crouching right in front of me). What did I do? I knifed him. Always make sure your corners are enemy-free.

Map: Aftermath (large run-down buildings)
- I was in the building with the books, and I was aimed at some enemy by the washroom area. Just as I was about to snipe him, I see my sister pop up, ballistic knifing his back. What a brutal sight.

Those are all I got so far. I'm sure there will be more moments, since I'm still playing the game.

Anywho, I hope you found some of these moments amusing. And thanks for reading! :)

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