Monday, 28 January 2013

BLOG (PERSONAL) -- My Never-Ending To-Dos

So... I should have written this blog yesterday. But I was busy. *Sigh* There just seems to be so many things for me to do! Well, this will be more of a rant, I think, than anything else. Well... maybe not. I'm just ranting about my lack of one thing -- the thing I'm almost sure many others would rant about: a lack of Time.

Stacked up against Time, I just have too many "To-Dos" and not enough time to do them. I wish I could be an immortal so I could have endless amounts of time to do all the things I want.

On top of my over-ambitious New Year's Resolutions, I have constant "To-Dos" and a lot of "Want To-Dos". Constant "To-Dos" include cleaning my room, going through my somewhat massive video game / anime / DVD / book collection to clear up my room (I do not like selling / throwing away media that I haven't experienced), etc. 

Some of my "Want To-Dos" include learning Japanese, getting a keyboard to play with music creation, learning Python, creating text-based games. Learning Japanese, Python, and creating text-based games are possible now, but getting a keyboard... my room is just a mess. There's no room for a keyboard right now.

But to clear up my room, I'll need to go through my collection to see what I want to keep. And going through that takes Time -- Time that could also be spent learning Japanese, Python, creating text-based games.

Hahaha... I guess I just feel really torn right now -- about how to spend my Time... my precious Time. It's times like these where I truly appreciate the value of "Me Time" -- and that includes blogging.

Hahaha, I just had to get that out. Thanks for reading. I hope you all have a great week!! :)

Here's a random Youtube video that I stumbled upon just an hour ago. It's this instrumental track from a Japanese drama called "Taiyou no Uta" (Song of the Sun). It makes me want to find the series and watch it, lol. It sounds very beautiful and heartfelt.

 From Sunset to Sunrise -- Hiroyuki Sawano

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  1. Hey, yo. You didn't mention this but didn't you had to do alot of work too? I think that's a bit tad unfair because you already spend most of your waking weekday hours on work but take them home with you on weekends and such too. Hope none of your co workers are reading this, ha ha. Don't want to get you into trouble. :) Still, I think work is intruding a little too much on your 'to dos'