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BLOG (PERSONAL) -- My Music Timeline [Part 1 -- ???? - 1996]

So this is a BIG swerve away from the structure I was anticipating back when I thought about blogging about my music tastes. I blame it on my sister -- she mentioned wanting to put together a playlist chronicling the music she's listened to frequently through the years. I thought that was a great idea, and thought doing a blog of it would be a great way to keep a record of it all.

And here's Part 1 of my music timeline. It's a little foreign, so please bear with me.

Overview of ???? - 1996
During my young'un years, I was exposed to a lot of Cantopop (AKA Cantonese pop). That came from my parents listening to Chinese radio stations and my grandfather watching Chinese TV dramas pretty much everyday. I didn't have a radio of my own or a walkman or any kind of music device, so my music exposure was a "take what you can get" experience. Even then, I came to recognize and enjoy certain songs, despite me being completely in the dark about the songs' meanings. Simply put, I enjoyed the melody and emotion of the songs I liked. I'll bet this largely attributed to my being able to listen to and enjoy foreign music today.

Around 1994, I had a really nice homeroom teacher who let us have parties at the end of each month. This is where I got my first exposures to English music -- at least, my first memorable exposures. It's funny to say, but to me back then, English music was considered "foreign music" to me. Every month, the same classmate would supply the music. I'm sure there was a variety of tracks, but I only remembered Ace of Base and Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You.

And that's ???? - 1996 in a nutshell. In my next chunk of years, I veer more into English songs, and develop my love for boy bands (hahah!). :)

My Playlist
Just to note about the Cantonese songs, I am 110% sure that I've forgotten to mention some artists and songs. I was so young back then, and not well-versed in Cantonese (I'm still not well-versed, but that's besides the point). I never paid attention to the artists or song names. Any song name you see listed here is from me either googling / Youtubing it or me copying and pasting it from a Cantopop CD collection I bought years ago.

This is also kind of the same for the English songs. I just never paid attention to artists or song names when I was young.

-Danny Chan --
-Samuel Hui -- Too many songs from too many albums to list!
-Leon Lai -- Many songs; don't know their names
-Arron Kwok -- Don't know their names
-Andy Lau -- Don't know their names
-Deric Wan -- Don't know their names
-Vivian Lai -- 一人有一個夢想
-Faye Wong -- 容易受傷的女人
-Vivian Chow -- 天荒愛未老

-Ace of Base
    -Beautiful Life
    -The Sign
    -Don't Turn Around
    -All That She Wants
-Whitney Houston -- I Will Always Love You

Sample Playlist
Just a heads up that ALL of these are Cantopop songs. I really did spend more time being exposed to them than any other kind of music. Without further ado...

Vivian Lai -- 一人有一個夢想

Faye Wong -- 容易受傷的女人

Vivian Chow -- 天荒愛未老

Leon Lai -- 我的親
I do the hand motions during the chorus whenever I watch this now, lol.

Sam Hui -- A medley of some of his songs 
(it's about 15 mins long, with one track muted for Copyright reasons)
Of this medley, I particularly like:
0:00 半斤八兩
2:28 打雀英雄傳
6:16 天才與白痴
7:11 天才白痴往日情
7:52 雙星情歌
8:32 知音夢裏尋
9:10 印象
9:56 心裡日記
12:28 日本娃娃
12:59 最佳拍檔
13:28 鐵塔凌

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment about anything. If you'd like to recommend some music to me, please do! :)

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