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BLOG (PERSONAL) -- My Music Timeline [Part 2 -- 1997 - 2000]

So here is Part 2 of my Music Timeline (you can check out the first part here: I may just be listing 4 years here, but believe me, so many things happened! I was exposed to so many new musics and artists. 

At that time, I held this line of thought about music (I more or less still think this way): A song and its singer are two different entities. I can like a song even if I don't like or care about the singer.

Overview of 1997 - 2000
So between 1997 and 2000, the following happened that upped my exposure to music, like, 1000-fold:

-I got a stereo with a radio (and started listening to the radio)
-I started watching the CHUM Chart Top 30 every weekend when it aired on CityTV (I don't know if this still happens. I doubt it)
-I got a hold of a CD player (it was my sister's)
-I had an "allowance" (AKA my weekly lunch money) and I discovered a shop that sold used music albums
-Some of my friends at the time were musically inclined (to mainstream musics)

And there ya have it. My music exposures came from every which way. Well, it was more like: radio, and word-of-mouth / "peer pressure". If I really liked a song I heard on the radio or if my friends really liked the group / artist, I would usually go out and buy the album, further exposing myself to more songs. 

It was through radio and my friends in 1997-1999 that I found myself swimming in a plethora of boy bands (ahh, that imagery is now dancing merrily in my head... ;) ). The sweet, romantic lyrics -- the catchy tunes -- the adorable, cute guys (!!)... those boy bands were quite the treat! :) And when I say boy bands, I'm referring to The Backstreet Boys, 98°, Savage Garden (well, a boy duo), Westlife, BBMak, The Moffatts, and *NSYNC (though I never found Justin Timberlake cute or attractive... that was like my little secret back then ^.^''). Hanson never really made an impression on me (sorry guys). I think it had to do with their long hair (I was young back then -- please don't judge me too harshly!).

Spice Girls was also really big at the time, and one of my friends was really into their music. Despite me initially thinking, This is "girly" stuff -- I don't want to be a part of it, I ended up genuinely liking some of their tunes. I even bought Geri Halliwell's solo album and Mel C's solo album. 

Then in the Summer of 1999, I re-connected with one my old friends, who then took me down another musical journey. He had varied tastes, but it was from my interactions with him that I took more notice of Mariah Carey and bought her "#1" CD album. I also ended up buying Britney Spear's debut album because of our talks. At this time, I also felt nostalgic for Ace of Base and bought their albums, including their new album "Cruel Cruel Summer". 

Then around 2000, I discovered Prozzak. Now, you're gonna say, But Prozzak was on the radio before 2000. You should have known about them already! And my response is: Yes, yes, I did know about them before. But they didn't do anything for me before. Omobalasire, Prozzak's first hit song, never hit home for me. Sucks To Be You and Strange Disease were catchy, but still, nothing to write home about.

Then one day, I found myself at Tower Records (back when Toronto had a Tower Records), and I was checking out some CDs. I thinking about picking up Britney Spear's second album, "Oops!... I Did It Again". I saw that her album was available to sample. I put on the headphones and checked it out. The little bits I heard were decent. Also available to sample was Prozzak's debut album, "Hot Show". I thought, Why not? I put on the headphones and selected the song Europa. It almost was like I went to another world. 
Europa was upbeat, but with such sad, melancholic lyrics. It really appealed to me! I checked a few more tunes on the album (I listened to Sleep With Myself in full) and I bought the album that same day. It was quite an awakening for me. I actually made the effort and visited Prozzak's official site (I think it was called Planet Prozzak?) and read various fan discussions and banter. I was super-excited when their second album, "Saturday People", was released.

Even though radio exposed me to a lot of great music, it also exposed me to tunes I had no care for. If you like these, I'm sorry, but I had no care for Boomtang Boys' Squeeze Toy, Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle, and 3Deep's Into You, although the latter song does bring about a sense of nostalgia from time to time. For Genie in a Bottle, I actually liked everything about the song EXCEPT the lyric about having to "rub me the right way". I remember one time recording the song onto cassette when it was playing on the radio, and I paused the recording whenever she sang that line. Hahaha... I did my own bit of censorship way back then. As for Squeeze Toy, I hated it so much that I blocked any memory of listening to the song in full (though I know I did). I also didn't like Jennifer Paige's Crush or Natalie Imbruglia's Torn, though I like Torn now.

I think that's it for 1997-2000 (at least, the major points). Of course, I was exposed to much more. Just check my long playlist below. :)

Next up would be my angsty years, where I discover a Japanese Rock band. Also, a delving into all things anime (and its music, of course!). And musicals! Can't forget about the musicals! ;)

My Playlist
I know I will not be able to fully list my playlist for this time -- I was exposed to too much and I listened to a lot of it. I know that I will miss something (and this list will be updated when I remember). Regardless, this list right now is still really long! I do usually have a crazy-good memory for things like this, plus I still have some of the albums to help jog my memory! :)

One funny thing to note: while working up this playlist, I almost forgot to list *NSync! I remembered to list other boy bands like BBMak and V.I.P., but I almost forgot *NSync?! I just find that funny -- I don't mean any offense! ^.^''

    -The Hardest Thing
    -I Do (Cherish You)
    -This Gift
    -She's Out of My Life

-Ace of Base
    -Wheel of Fortune
    -Waiting for Magic
    -Angel Eyes
    -Experience Pearls
    -Everytime it Rains

-Aerosmith -- I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

-All-4-One -- I Swear

    -Turn Back Time
    -My oh My

-Backstreet Boys
    -I Want it That Way
    -All I Have to Give
    -As Long As You Love Me
    -Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
    -Don't Want You Back
    -The Call 
    -Shape of My Heart
    -More Than That

-Barenaked Ladies
    -Just A Toy
    -Break Your Heart
    -One Week
    -Some Fantastic

-BBMak -- Back Here

-The Beatles
    -I Wanna Hold Your Hand

-Billy Ocean -- Suddenly

-Boomtang Boys -- Pictures

-Bon Jovi
    -It's My Life
    -Save the World
    -Thank You For Loving Me

    -The Boy Is Mine (Duet with Monica)
    -Have You Ever?

-Britney Spears
    -...Baby One More Time
    -(You Drive Me) Crazy
    -From the Bottom of my Broken Heart
    -Oops!... I Did It Again
    -What U See (Is What U Get)
    -Can't Make You Love Me

-Celine Dion
    -Tell Him (Duet with Barbara Streisand)
    -Just Walk Away 

-Coco Lee -- Before I Fall In Love

-The Corrs

-Dan Hill
    -Sometimes When We Touch
    -Can't We Try (duet with Vonda Shepard)

    -The Way I Am

-Enrique Iglesias -- Be With You

-Fastball -- I could actually listen to and enjoy every song on the album. I especially like:
    -The Way
    -Out of My Head

-Geri Halliwell -- Mi Chico Latino

-Gordon Lightfoot -- If You Could Read My Mind

-Jennifer Lopez
    -If You Had My Love
    -Waiting For Tonight

-Jewel -- You Were Meant For Me

-K-Ci & JoJo
    -How Many Times (Will You Let Him Break Your Heart)
    -All My Life

-Lara Fabian -- I Will Love Again

-Lionel Richie -- Angel

    -Tearin Up My Heart
    -God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
    -I Want You Back
    -I Drive Myself Crazy
    -Bye Bye Bye

    -Sleep With Myself    
    -Monday Morning
    -Pretty Girls
    -Be As

-Marc Anthony -- You Sang to Me

-Mariah Carey    
    -My All
    -I Still Believe
    -Love Takes Time

-Melanie C -- Northern Star

-The Moffatts -- Miss You Like Crazy

-Phil Collins -- You'll Be In My Heart

-The Pretenders -- Human

-Roch Voisine
    -With These Eyes
    -Dance With a Stranger

-Spice Girls
    -Viva Forever

-Savage Garden    
    -Truly Madly Deeply
    -To the Moon & Back
    -Santa Monica
    -Carry on Dancing
    -I Knew I Loved You
    -I Don't Know You Anymore

-Stars on 54 -- If You Could Read My Mind

-Tom Cochrane -- I Wonder

-V.I.P. (Voices in Public)
    -It's Just My Luck

    -Swear It Again
    -If I Let You Go
    -We Are One
    -My Love

-Whitney Houston -- All at Once

Sample Playlist
If I could, I would link to more videos here. But then you'd be scrolling through a lot of videos!

Jennifer Lopez -- Waiting for Tonight
I think this would be the perfect theme song
 to Romeo & Juliet's story, don't you think?

Savage Garden -- Santa Monica
Whenever I hear this, I feel like spreading my arms and flying! :)

Mariah Carey -- My All
I should note this video is a little, err, sensual?
Just gotta mention it!

Bon Jovi -- Save the World

Prozzak -- Monday Morning

Stars on 54 -- If You Could Read My Mind
I still need to check out this movie.

Backstreet Boys -- I Want It That Way
I have to end off with a song from a boy band, don't I? ;)


Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment about anything. If you'd like to recommend some music to me, please do! :)

Also, Happy early Lunar New Year! It's coming way sooner than I thought. :)

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